Social media marketers have announced that they would be most likely to use emails as part of their campaigns, reports.

In its fourth annual survey, Social Media Examiner found that marketers who use social media marketing would me more likely to supplement their efforts with email than with any other medium.

The 3,800 respondents were quizzed on their preferred channels other than social media, with email marketing coming out on top after polling 87 per cent.

Email was way ahead of SEO which came in second place, after 65 per cent of marketers cited using it. Event marketing (64 per cent), press releases (55 per cent) and direct mail (41 per cent) completed the top five.

Photo sharing sites have seen an increase, although just one in five marketers use it now, though the figure doubles when questioned on whether they plan to use it in the future.

Faring not so well were TV ads, with just 10 per cent using them, and daily deals such as those offered by Groupon, which were cited by just six per cent of respondents, reports.

Their favoured social media service, meanwhile, was Facebook, with 92 per cent of respondents using it. Twitter polled second with 82 per cent and LinkedIn came third with 73 per cent. Google+, however, came out with less than favourable results, being used by just 40 per cent of social media marketers.