Has something passed you by this year? Perhaps a new development or piece of technology? It can be tricky to keep an eye on what’s happening in the fast-paced world of email marketing, so as a belated Christmas present from us to you, here’s our ultimate email and digital round up of 2015!

Customer participation.

Even more companies are incorporating quick interactive quizzes or binary questions to build their customer databases.

Creating a buzz.

Litmus Blog generated quite a stir when they embedded a live Twitter feed into an email campaign, which may be the next big thing in cross-platform integration!


MasterCard are trialling “Pay by Selfie”; allowing consumers to snap a picture of their face to verify their identity for mobile payments.

Choice is everything.

The Direct Marketing Association found that when customers were given a choice of channels through which to receive communications, signup rates jumped from 33% to 49%.

Get Specific.

Experian Marketing Services found that specific words in campaign titles lead to 22% higher revenue per email, a 46% increase in transaction rates and a whopping 117% increase in transaction-to-click rates.

Security Lockdown.

With the rise of connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), data security is critical. Developers from UK Universities have created fascinating new security technology utilising tiny atomic-scale fingerprints that are virtually impossible to clone without measuring fingerprints atom-by-atom.

Tweak your way to success.

In 2015, Twitter axed the star icon for favouriting tweets in favour of a heart and promptly reported a 6% increase in users liking tweets and updates in just a week from launch, proving that even little tweaks to your campaigns or operations can have a massive effect on success.

Don’t lose abandoned carts.

Clickz have produced four simple strategies to help encourage those wayward abandon cart customers to follow-through with their purchase, without it costing your business.

Sugary sweet inspiration.

Dunkin’ Donuts have dramatically increased their mobile engagement through a customer-driven app, loyalty programme and cunning collaboration with other companies.

A big win for the marketing profession.

It’s not often that “regulation” and “win” are seen in the same sentence, but the imminent completion of the EU Council’s Data Protection Regulation may give the marketing community more room for manoeuvre when it comes to consent.

Two-tap response emails.

Google Smart Reply allows users to reply to emails using just two taps – one to open, one to select and send a response. Smart Reply could save businesses an enormous amount of both time and money by streamlining users’ inboxes.

2015’s App of the year!

Apple editors have named their app of the year as Persicope, the live-streaming video app. Periscope holds promise for brands who are testing the water with webinars, live user support, product features and insider views.

Getting hot under the collar.

Thermal imaging is set to become the next big form of universal technology, according to this article. How would your business put this to use?

Phew! It was tough to pick out those highlights as there have been so many incredible developments over the past year. Stay tuned to hear our predictions for upcoming developments in 2016.