Do you put enough effort into marketing automation?

Our job, as marketers, is to continuously work on turning leads into buyers. From suspects to customers, top performers are employing marketing automation best practices to create an engaging experience for audiences in which each touchpoint is a journey of discovery. Here are the burning questions…

Is your marketing automation optimised?

Falling behind in your industry means leaving money on the table. At the same time, you know that you have to optimise your marketing campaigns. You must be asking yourself… How do I achieve this ‘optimal performance?’ The answer is: You’ve got to put more effort into marketing automation.

You’ve adopted marketing automation to get rid of spreadsheets and cut down on your marketing department. That’s great! But it’s just the beginning of what your platform can actually do.

What can you get with a little more effort?

Leading marketers are using automation to increase conversions. They are honing in on what makes their customers tick and what persuades them to take that next step towards making a purchase decision. How do they achieve this? They use real data and metrics. They are turning marketing from an art into a science.

Gathering insights into customer behavior enables you to refine your messages while enabling you to send them to the right person at the right time. If you’re pursuing social media marketing, you will see that by using automation to its full potential, you will find where your customers are, what conversations they are having, and what competitors they are talking to. With marketing automation, you will be able to dig deeper to find out the best time to post your messages while individualising them instead of applying a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Marketing Automation

How about your content marketing?

If you are generating thought leadership material like whitepapers, a company blog, newsletters, and webinars, you can accomplish all of your efforts through marketing automation. Your platform has the ability to store all of your collateral so that you can access it at any time. When you take your content and generate campaigns around them, you will see that you can accomplish much more as a result of the insights gathered from previous campaigns.

Now email. When you have a campaign made of a series of emails that you want to send out at a particular time, your marketing automation platform will help you achieve this. Instead of crafting an email and sending it to your list of leads while waiting for a response, with automation you will be able to gather all of your leads – from your company CRM to your list of buyers. Whenever a step has been taken by a prospect, an email will be sent to target their touchpoint on autopilot.

So are you leaving money on the table? If you know you are, you have to optimise your campaigns. Do you need a bit of a push to accelerate your marketing processes? Use our marketing automation cookbook to get you started.

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