How to develop a basic content marketing strategy

Content marketing is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. It not only acts as a stand-alone SEO tool, but also establishes you as a thought-leader within your industry and gives you content to share across your social media platforms. If you’ve not yet got a content marketing strategy in place, or you’re looking to update your current strategy, here are some basics to get you started.

Produce high-quality content

“Content” is referring to regular blog posts, as well as additional resources such as whitepapers, press releases, and more. Written content is unique in that it works towards increasing your SEO, as you include industry related or topical keywords within your text. This should always be high-quality content, aimed to place you as a thought leader. It should be engaging and interesting to read. Each blog should be around 500 words, which is enough to generate a sufficient amount of high-quality content that will help your website to rank highly in Google.

Regular engagement

Blog content should be produced around once per week, or 4 times per month at regular intervals. This keeps content fresh and engaging, but also generates regular brand awareness for your company. It gives you credibility within your market since you are demonstrating your knowledge and producing interesting content for visitors to read and engage with. It provides an opportunity to increase engagement and conversation, with the likelihood of ultimately increasing conversions.

Creating links to build SEO

Regular production of content also has the benefit of giving you things to share across your social media channels. Posting blogs creates backlinks, which contributes to your SEO, but also increases the number of visitors who are clicking through to your website. Here these can become conversions, or even simply just give more information for those who are seeking it.

Sharing news through press releases

Whilst blogs are often topical pieces, press releases can be another key part of your content marketing strategy. They enable you to publish short news information and company details that are primarily informative to your audience. At the same time, PRs are an effective contributor to your SEO too, since they provide further links to your website, show the generation of high-quality content on a regular basis, and include industry-specific keywords and phrases that your audience may be targeting.

What works for you?

Every company’s content marketing strategy will be different. Using analytics and tracking is an effective way to see which content is directing the most traffic to your site and receiving the highest levels of engagement. You can then tailor your strategy to see more successful results over time.

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