Do you have a dead sales lead in your midst?

In sales, it’s nearly impossible to admit that a lead is dead. Nearly. Although a negative response often means that you should try again later, it can sometimes be a firm and final no. So, do you have a dead sales lead in your midst? Would you like to know how to recognise one?


If a prospect is particularly adamant to refuse your offer, you need to ask yourself this: do they really need your product? Most prospects will give you, at least, a hint of hope if they know there is a possibility they could accept because people tend not to like closing all avenues.

When prospects refuse outright, it’s likely that they know their situation. Whilst it might be a good idea to try again in a few months’ time, it’s possible that they won’t have changed their minds.


Though this might be obvious, a hostile lead is unlikely to ever reach fruition. At this point, it’s best to listen to their wishes and leave them alone. Continuing an attempt to convert them will most likely result in a tattered reputation. When someone says no with force, it’s really time to take them at their word.

Endless postponing

As with the “need” aspect, sometimes postponing can be a way of avoiding closing avenues. Despite this, it can be used as a neutral, indecisive way of saying “no thanks”. When pursuing a lead constantly gains the response “could you call back in a few months” without much of any deliberation in between, it might be best to cut them free.

So how can I revive a failing lead?

Try looking for triggers. Did your prospect suddenly return to your company website after a year or so of absence? This might be a chance for some gentle email marketing – personal, friendly emails that acknowledge a sudden re-interest in the product.

Tailor your email content to your leads, especially the really stagnant ones. Even when prospects seem really dead, it’s still important to keep your name in their mind. Then, if they realise the benefit of your product, they remember to go to you over one of your competitors.

These are only a few techniques of many. See more sales strategy tactics here.

You could always pass this information onto your sales team? A sure fire way to help build an over performing sales team!

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