A day in the life of…our senior marketing co-ordinator

Your job title might be a senior marketing executive, marketing coordinator or something else. Whatever your title, it’s your job to make sure the marketing activity of your business is always current and fresh. Sound familiar?

We sat down with our own senior marketing coordinator, Jess, and asked her about how she keeps our content fresh, up to date and ahead of our competitors. From her marketing goals in 2017 to what tools she was using to help her, perhaps Jess’ story will resonate with you.

Hey Jess, tell us a little about your key marketing challenges this year

Well, I’d say one of the key challenges is constantly churning out new ideas to make sure we are targeting every possible prospect. We don’t want to miss any leads! Then it’s a case of prioritising all the ideas coming from the different aspects of the business – key stakeholders, sales, account managers etc. I need to establish which ideas we should run with as well as keeping everyone happy, which can be a bit of a balancing act.

So what do you use to help you?

Well, naturally, I use the CommuniGator suite. For me, it is the fact you can report on all of the marketing activities under one roof. Being able to cross-reference and compare campaigns, as well as having the sales dashboards in the same area, makes my job so much easier. I can see the whole journey of any prospect I choose. It also means I can keep track of (and influence!) what the sales team should be following up.

The second biggest help is the automation of the suite. For example, we’ve started running a year-long workflow to nurture leads in the background. It requires hardly any management. All I need to do is put the time in upfront, but it saves so much time in the long run – you just have to try and test the automation of your campaigns.

For me, the most useful tool, though, is the insights and reporting in GatorLeads. Being able to identify the individual companies that have visited our website, and watch their journey – whether it’s an internal or external marketing campaign – is so useful. Particularly, when it comes to analysing the results of what campaigns are actually working.

How long have you been using CommuniGator then?

Well, I used CommuniGator in my previous role, so I have been using it for nearly 3 years now. I’ll admit when I first started using the suite I thought “I’m never going to learn all of this.” Mainly because there were so many different aspects to the full automation suite.

But once I started, it was easy to pick up and self-teach myself how everything worked. It’s a logical product. But, if you’re ever stuck, the training and support from the CommuniGator team are second to none. Even in my previous role, I always felt comfortable calling the team for advice.

And what advice would you give to marketers in your position?

Utilise every tool at your disposal. The tools in an automation suite aren’t just there to look pretty. They’re all relevant and useful to the needs of the marketer in the 21st century – one who has too much to do and not enough time in the day like me!

Once you’ve got your head around how the tools work, I’d say LET the product do the work for you. Let automation take away the manual marketing work and instead focus on how you can continue to improve on your current campaigns.

For more from Jess on how to use the CommuniGator suite to its full potential, read our case study on how to build a lead generation campaign with marketing automation tools.

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