CRM: The glue to your sales and marketing teams

It’s an age-old feud, sales vs marketing. We are famous for not getting along. But why? What does it all boil down to? Having a different opinion on when a lead is a lead? Working from different systems so not following up the same things? Or is it the lack of exposure on the other’s activities? It’s not like we are working to the same goal, right?

Wrong. Sales and marketing is the foundation of any business. It’s imperative they are on the same page and agree on what’s what. The glue to our sales and marketing teams working seamlessly together is our CRM integration. Let me tell you why:

1 One single view

Having all your sales and marketing activity under one roof is an absolute god send. Being able to see what each team is producing is essential for effective lead management.

Sales can see what marketing are up to, vice versa and everyone can see what their leads are up to. Having the right tools and processes in place creates a powerful ‘smarketing’ storm, enabling both teams to work together.

2 Sales & marketing alignment

It’s a rocky process, but once you’re there the possibilities are endless. Sales and marketing have many cross overs in the B2B pipeline.

From generating and qualifying, to contacting and closing leads. There’s an argument to be had at each of these stages if your teams do not agree on what a lead is in the first place.

Our technology aligns sales and marketing teams to achieve all the above. Eliminating time spent arguing over what each team is providing for the other.

3 The benefits of ‘smarketing’

It’s both sales and marketing’s responsibility to bring in more revenue for the business. So, having those two teams work against each other is a recipe for disaster.

87% of sales and marketing teams (Corporate Executive Board Survey) across the UK, do not see eye to eye. Are you one of them? Companies with strong sales and marketing alignment get 20% annual revenue growth (Aberdeen group, 2010). So it’s much more than creating a harmonious workplace.

Your sales and marketing teams need to thrive off together, throw ideas around and at the end of the day, get sh*t done.

Having the same goals and progress as well as exposure to each other is the key. Enter, seamless CRM integration into your marketing platforms. Ending all sales and marketing feuds and spreading peace across the business.

Contact us to implement your ‘smarketing’ processes today.

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