CRM: Compare the best of the bunch! (For a CommuniGator CRM Integration at least)

Knowing which CRM is best for your company can be a tricky business. It’s likely an integral part of your company, and without it, there would be bedlam. As the home for your data, it’s important that every functionality you need is available within the CRM itself. And you shouldn’t be forced to settle for less than the best. That’s why we thought we’d give you a helping hand to get you started on your way to clinching the perfect CRM system for you. And what’s more, we integrate directly with each CRM.

Our top 4 CRM providers line up falls in at (in no particular order): Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Infor and NetSuite. We have considered an assortment of factors to come to this conclusion, including ease of use, functionality and hosted location. Each system can accommodate all company sizes but primarily focus on small-mid size organisations. Here’s our overview of each CRM:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (MSD):

With a seamless MSD integration to CommuniGator, MSD presents a highly logical platform which gives you the ability to create multiple dashboards as required. Upon purchasing this system, you are essentially provided with a ‘blank sheet’ on which to build the CRM of your dreams. Truly putting all your ingredients in one pot, you can customise the platform to your precise requirements to give you a holistic view of your data. See exactly where your leads are coming from and automate campaigns to send based on interest from various channels.

When the time comes for analysis to take centre stage, MSD has you covered. Run complex queries in a simple way, no coding knowledge required! And finally, you have the option of having MSD hosted on-site, or saved in the cloud. The choice is yours.


The CRM system to have mastered simplicity in platform setup. Salesforce is incredibly easy to navigate, is self-explanatory, and contains customisable displays. Due to the pre-built base, you can go from purchased to deployed in a matter of days. Get fully functional, fast! Multiple dashboards help better reflect your killer values, with the option to segment and target particular datasets in your reports.

As a cloud-based software, you have the ability to access your data from anywhere. In the office, or on the go, you can identify real-time results to tailor every interaction. And to record all communications, Salesforce has taken the trouble out of logging sales calls. Log calls directly from a mobile device so everyone knows the leads who still require action.


First off, you have the power to decide how you want to access your data. Whether that be through a hosted option, cloud-based or a hybrid of the two. All are available, giving you the most option of the 4 systems. Once the decision is made and the system implemented, an intuitive functionality promotes fast user-adoption. A complete overview of your data and users can tell you everything from who assigned an account, to tracking leads website activity and score.

Know where you stand every step of the way. Since all marketers work to a budget, you can set up budgets and revenue tracking to keep an eye on spend and profits. But it’s not all about the money. Measure your most successful campaigns with direct comparisons of how emails perform week on week.


Know that you are always viewing the most up-to-date information with refreshing data-lists. Set the refresh rate which fits your business. Information is split between tabs to keep different sections clearly segmented. Record quotes and data for each contact, and make the most of customer-specific pricing and discounting features, keeping every customer on-side.

Reporting comes into its own on NetSuite’s CRM. Combine back-end processes with front-end data to give a complete business review. With copious reporting options to choose from, your data insights are endless. Create clever advanced finds based on granular level criteria for a finer analysis. Again, NetSuite is a cloud-based software meaning access is available whenever you need it.

As a marketing automation software provider, we have built seamless integrations with each of these CRM systems. Take a look at our range of integrations here. For a more in-depth comparison of each CRM system (irrelevant to CommuniGator and our integration) take a look at our whitepaper on the Top 4 CRM providers.

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