How to convert website leads into genuinely interested prospects.

While most marketers will be happy to report on increased activity and interaction with their website and campaigns, we at CommuniGator understand that reporting is nothing if you don’t have the ROI to measure success. We should all be striving to turn our company websites into profit engines, but to do so you’re going to need the appropriate technology to produce these results! Follow these simple steps to convert your website leads into genuinely interested prospects.

Page scoring and lead scoring

To begin with, you’re going to need to page score your website so that you can ascertain when leads are more sales-ready. Typically, blogs and other such content should score much less than pricing pages and guides as these pages signify greater buying intent.

The lead scoring element allows you to efficiently differentiate on your CRM or website visitor tracking software between companies that are ready for a sales call and those that need to be warmed up more.

Nurturing cold leads

Combining your IP tracking software with marketing automation is ultimately the most powerful method of converting website leads into prospects. If you can physically identify a company on your website and see what they are interested in, then you can send them relevant material that might be of interest to them.

Are you tracking leads that could do with being warmed up for longer? That’s great, you can go ahead and put them into a specific nurturing campaign so that they carry on receiving your communications!

Targeted content

Not only that, but because our software is able to identify a company and/or individual, and you know what they’ve been looking at, this gives you the chance to send them targeted content based on their website activity. This access to real-time data allows you to physically guide prospects through their entire sales journey, putting you in the driving seat until they are warm enough for an introductory sales email or sales call.

A succinct connection between your IP tracking software and marketing automation is essential if you want to successfully convert website leads into prospects. Luckily for you, CommuniGator offers a complete marketing solution for all your B2B lead generation needs. If you want to learn more about how to convert more of your website leads, feel free to download this guide!

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