The importance of consistency has been highlighted by an online advertising expert.

MediaPost‘s Gary Levitt explained that if consumers are used to receiving a certain type of message they may be put off if this changes, which could inspire firms to stick more closely to email marketing templates in future.

He said: “The second you deviate from a reliable pattern, you undermine the way your ‘newsletter qua product’ is perceived, and given how flooded inboxes are, it can be a deal breaker that can’t easily be repaired.”

Mr Levitt gave the example of record label SLAMjamz’s newsletter, which normally mixes sales pitches and music industry news. If they altered this one week, there could easily be a spike in unsubscribers.

In his opinion, email marketing in the entertainment industry is often very different from other sectors, since it involves a combination of “mindset and mojo”, just like the entertainment world.

However, while a newsletter to all subscribers may often have a positive effect, Practical Ecommerce‘s digital marketing commentator Armando Roggio urged firms not to forget about segmentation.

He claimed that this issue will be particularly relevant in the coming 12 months as the need for increasingly relevant content grows, while the way that people read such messages should also impact advertising approaches.