CommuniGator’s latest news: We’ve partnered with the DMA

To all our clients, and those prospects that are thinking about using CommuniGator. We’ve just become a member of the DMA which we’re ecstatic about, and we think you should be excited too! We know that you’ve heard us talk about the GDPR on countless occasions over the past year or so but it’s all for good reason. The truth is, no one is really sure what effect the GDPR will have on B2B businesses when we get to May 25th, 2018.

However, now we’re in partnership with one of the largest marketing bodies in the UK that are considering its effects, we can deliver the most up to date information to our customers and prospects!

The DMA and GDPR

The DMA have been doing massive amounts of work arguing against the GDPR to various governing bodies, outlining the detrimental effect that this legislation will have on the UK economy. So, while the Privacy and Electronics Communications Regulations (PECR) is currently under review and could be a silver bullet for B2B businesses, we’re no gamblers at CommuniGator (especially when the fine can be up to either €20 million or 4% of your annual global turnover). I’m sure none of us wants to be responsible for that! That’s why we’re committed to double-opting in our own database, and we’re telling our customers to follow our lead.

Our thoughts on the GDPR

While you might think that 25th May 2018 is ages away, we can assure you that this time will fly by! Besides, there are loads of other benefits of getting your data double opted in! It’s every marketer’s dream to be able to report on massive improvements on click through rates in marketing campaigns. Well for starters, our own tried and tested research has proven that double opted in data performs much better than other data sources.

If you think about it, it makes sense considering these individuals have subscribed to receive further communications from your business, showing they see value in what you have to say. At CommuniGator, we’re looking at it as best practice. It’s a win-win. Firstly, you get to clean up your own database so you can interact with prospects who are genuinely interested in your values. Secondly, should the GDPR come into effect, you’ll still have data to market to post 25th May 2018.

Actions you can take today

If you’d like to find out more about the GDPR and how it will potentially affect your business then feel free to join one of the Q+A sessions that we run on the topic. If you’re unable to make one of these, then check out a past webinar that we recorded.

Better still, why not download this handy checklist we’ve created so that you can be sure you’re GDPR ready?

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