Cold Calling is SO Last Season

Cold calling is dead, and no one is mourning.  

Walkmans, flares and Etch-A-Sketch. All so outdated. And I can tell you what else is outdated: cold calling. No-one does it anymore and with good reason. Cold calling is so time-consuming for the return you get. You call 100 people and get 1 sale. That math just doesn’t make sense.  

With such huge technological advances coming year on year, identifying exactly what your client wants, without them explicitly saying, is becoming easier and easier. Digital marketing now gives us the option to track when people open an email, what they click on, what time they read our emails. Combine that with IP tracking, to see where someone moves around your website, and you’ve got an insight into your leads interests. 

Know Your Stuff 

It goes without saying that you should pay attention to your leads. See where they’ve been on your website, which pages they’ve focused on, perhaps where they’ve returned to multiple times. It will help build up a picture of the business area that a lead is looking to use. Take it a step further. If you’ve already had some communication with a prospect, look at what times they’ve opened and interacted with your emails. It could indicate when they’re available, and so when’s a good time to call, ensuring you catch them the first time around. 

Tailor Your Talk  

You know when to call, you know what your lead is focusing on, now tailor your conversation to encompass those facts. Make every discussion personalised to your prospect. That way, they’re going to consider more closely how you can help them. It will also be evident that you’ve done your research. You’ll project an air of knowledge, meaning you will come across as an invested company to work with.  

Save Time, Increase Efficiency 

Your time is important, don’t waste it calling those people who really aren’t interested in using what you can offer. Focus on the leads who come in HOT. Use qualifying criteria to identify those most interested in you, and get that call in quick to seal the deal. No more faffing around making calls for the sake of making calls. Make the calls that count, and increase your profit as a result.  

See how marketing automation, IP tracking and Qualifying Criteria can help your sales strategy. 

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