Boden are famous for bringing catalogue fashion back to the middle-classes. Their high quality, stylish clothes and cute kids collections make being a family trendy.

Their target market is the middle-class mum – she doesn’t want cheap clothes, she wants style and quality. She wants to look good and dress her kids without looking like she’s had help from Nike, Asda or the Ninja turtles.

How do they appeal to her? Well not by just selling clothes – they’re selling a fun and affluent lifestyle. So when it comes to their email marketing it’s not surprising that it doesn’t just look good – it feels good too.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a loyalty campaign for high-end clients, you can’t go far wrong by looking at a few examples of great campaigns by Boden. They marry class with commercial know-how – getting customers hooked with their clear and bold brand identity.

Welcome to our world

By signing-up to receive their emails you’ve become part of the British elite. Not the gentry but the hip middle-class. If you needed anymore confirmation, the subject line ‘You’re in’ makes it clear you’ve gained access into an exclusive members’ club. Boden are clearly proud of their British roots – the playful tone reinforces their identity and helps tread the line between being accessible and being stylish. Although they publicise their sale there’s no hard sell, introductory offer or discounts. It’s purely a polite welcome to an exclusive and eccentric British family.

50-off Boden

Is it still raining?

Boden aren’t afraid to talk about the weather but this isn’t just because they’re British. They reportedly increased their email revenue by 2000% simply by contextualising it (eCommerce Insights, 2015). This means making the content relevant to the context of the customer – in this example the weather they’re likely to be experiencing when they receive the email. It’s simply a way of making the emails timely and relevant without the need for personalisation.


Look what you’re missing

If Boden don’t hear from customers for a while they win them back by reminding them why they shopped with them in the first place. They clearly believe pictures paint a thousand words by delivering a beautiful animation, summing-up their brand and new collections.

Animated gifs are a fantastic way of grabbing attention with movement in email whilst protecting the deliverability and look of your campaigns. They’re easily displayed across a variety of devices and don’t rely on streaming or the recipient downloading them. Moving image is a great way to bring a story to life and influence the viewer with reports that 46% of people take some form of action after viewing a video (Online Publishers Association, 2015). The inspirational advert moves the customer from email back to browsing the website with a clear call-to-action.


So there you go – stylish and commercial campaigns without the constant need for discounts. Boden retain their brand identity, class and confidence without focusing on price.

So next time a high-end client wants inspiration for a campaign don’t instantly reach for the introductory and win-back promotions. Instead look at what makes them unique, relevant and engaging.

Employ a few tricks of the trade and they can retain their confidence in their brand without focusing on promotions.

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