How to boost engagement with your email campaigns

Even though 73% of marketers are happy with their email marketing ROI, that still leaves 27% less satisfied. If you’re not getting the engagement you need from your email campaigns, it’s no wonder your ROI is suffering. So let’s look at a few ways you can boost that engagement, and get the numbers looking a bit more favourable.

Segment with more tailored, specified emails

Firstly, segmenting your contacts into as concentrated groups as you can will kick your engagement into gear. With this, you can send content that is more relevant to your audience – and we all know that relevancy gets interest.

Use the information from your CRM, but also focus on what your contacts have shown interest in. Whether it’s a page on your website, a social media campaign, or a blog post, it will all let you know what each lead is most likely to want from you. Once you know that, it’s just about showing them how to get it.

Marketing automation – right time, right contact, right campaign

Marketing automation can help massively with engagement, especially if you have a strong workflow. With marketing automation, you can feed in a number of different pre-written emails and get them sent by the system at specific times in a buyer journey. What this means is that you don’t have to spend as much time worrying about when to get in contact next, and can instead focus your time and energy on bringing in new leads to follow.

Don’t waste time or space

As we’ve said before, your email only has 2 seconds to live in the inbox. With that in mind, you can’t waste any space in your email copy telling your contact things you don’t want them to focus on. Get to the point: be short, sharp and clear about what your email is for.

We’ve got a more focused template for email designs, but mainly remember not to over complicate. As long as you show them what you need them to see, you can always link them to more information elsewhere in the email – in fact, this can spark the kind of intrigue that gets you a warm lead.

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