How Black Friday can work for B2B Marketers

It’s nearly that time of year when Black Friday hits the shops. Typically, during this period, business-to-consumer marketing gets the spotlight. We think it’s time that B2B stepped up and took a leaf out of their book.

Here’s what you need to do to create a Black Friday email campaign that will make some noise in the B2B world.

Create a hook

You need to draw in your customer’s interest. It needs to give them value, otherwise, they won’t engage. What could you email your prospects or customers that will make them more productive and successful in their job, but also relates to your business? Send them that!

Send the email campaign at the right time

Sending your email on Black Friday is a no-go. Everyone else will be sending emails on this day so it’s a bad idea to follow the crowd. Instead, look at previous campaigns that have worked well for your business. Which days have worked best for your target audience? It’s a much better idea to send emails out on the days that you know work well.

By building up your campaign by levels – intrigue, discover, consider – it ensures that by the time your leads are sales-ready, it conveniently falls in sync with Black Friday. (So, basically a month before. Convenient that we’re giving you this blog now, huh?)

Give your audience what they want

Tailor your campaign. Blasting out sales emails like every other company won’t give you the results you want. Target them based on what you’ve known them to engage with previously. Make sure it is a super personal email so they feel as if the deal has been created just for them.

Then address what they need to invest in so they can improve their business in 2017. Or play on the fact that if they don’t spend their budget it will likely be gone next quarter (most businesses we know don’t operate off a rolling budget).

Overall, the more you can make your campaign stand out and the more targeted you can make it, the better. Think originality, apply it to the right audience and it’ll be a sure-fire way to make Black Friday work for you as a B2B marketer.

Want to know more how email marketing can help your business? Check out our guide to email marketing in the B2B world.

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