Have you ever wanted to know which recipients were un-engaged and not opening or clicking your emails campaigns or perhaps even which recipients are the most engaged and valuable?

We are happy to announce the launch of behavioural re-targeting, a feature that makes it possible to segment recipients based on when they last opened or clicked an email. Here are two examples of how this could be used:

Filter a list to find non-engaged recipients and target them with a re-engagement campaign for example sending a special offer to a customer that has opened but not clicked in the last 30 days.
Create automated re-engagement campaigns with a series of emails triggered when a recipient has not opened or clicked an email within 6 months

Behavioural re-targeting last clicked and opened recipient data can also be combined with other filters to create sophisticated segments such as all females that are between 24 and 35 and have not clicked an email in the last month. Helping you create re-engagement campaigns that are highly targeted to the exact interests of your list.

To help get you started we have created a Re-engagement whitepaper and Pure360 customers can check out the Customer Community site for a practical guide on how to set up filters and automations as well as a demo video showing you everything you need to know.

We have been collecting open and click data for recipients since 15th November. Filters that include data from before this date may not be accurate and so we don’t recommend using them. Going forward, all open and click data is being recorded.

Please use the feedback button from within PureResponse to tell us what you think of the feature, the type of campaigns you are making and if there is anything we could improve for the future.