B2B Lead Generation: five simple mistakes to avoid

No marketing campaign is 100% flawless, and the only weapon against imperfection is preparation – in this case, identifying mistakes that you should see coming your way. When it comes to b2b lead generation, here are five easy mistakes that you should aim to avoid.

These mistakes often sound like good ideas in the beginning until you realise that the damage is done. It is hard to fight an urge when your instincts tells you you’re doing the right thing, but as a marketer you must stay objective and focus on what is ultimately good for the campaign.

Here are five hard-to-avoid traps that marketers usually fall in to when it comes to their b2b lead generation strategy:

1. Wasting efforts on unrelated marketing activities

Every so often we bump in to random opportunities for marketing. There are rare chances when they do deserve a look, but most of the time, using valuable resources on activities that are not an integral part of your marketing plan is a bad idea. If it improves other aspects of your strategy or assist in achieving your long-term goals, you might as well dedicate your energy on more important things.

2. Putting more emphasis on the message than the audience

You may have spent ages creating the best message you could come up with wonderful content. However, if you haven’t allocated time to who your audience is then how will you know that the message is relevant and specific to them?

3. Listening to the market minority

Filter the feedback you receive, if you hear the opinion of the minority and run with it you will exclude the majority which won’t help your engagement. You need to know which information is applicable and which is relevant.

4. Giving too many options

When presented with too many calls to action the message becomes clouded and means that people can’t find the most important target. People also tend to disengage when they are presented with too many options.

5. Loving to coast

Buyer behaviour is constantly changing, technology is rapidly evolving, and opportunities are always arising. If you are not evolving with the market then you will be left behind and will miss out on vital opportunities.

So now you know the traps to avoid, you can focus on the best practices.

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