Automated emails doesn’t mean impersonal emails

Although 70% of businesses are using marketing automation software, there are still sceptics among us. One of the big stigmas against automated emails is that a lot of people seem to think that personalisation is lost when emails become automated. We would like to go on record and state that these people are wrong.

The robot voice of autonomy

Marketing automation was created to make email marketing easier, not to lose business. It was designed with your best interests in mind. Setting up an automated email campaign isn’t going to cost you business. It’s going to bring you business.

When used alone, the software may seem to be a way of robotising your emails. To those companies with robotic email voices: you’re not using marketing automation properly. There are ways of maintaining automation and individual content. Let us show you.

Keeping your automated emails personal

First off, you need to segment your data properly.

Look at the CRM data you have on each of your contacts and group them based on common themes. This might be, for example, which pages they’ve shown interest in, how close to a sale they are, or what kind of business your lead is working for.

All of the information you gather from form fills and preference centres should go into making your segments as narrowed-down as possible. That’s where most of your personalisation comes from.

Once you’ve set up all your segments, you should create workflows to section your emails. Rather than simply sending a few emails to all of your contacts, send targeted emails to each segmented group. Create campaigns tailored to each group that are relevant to everyone within it. See why we said it definitely helps to have smaller, more niche segments? Because it gives you the best possible result.

By using visitor tracking and lead scoring, as well as including PURLs (Personal URLs) in your emails, you will be able to relocate leads based on how their buyer journey develops.

Automation might imply the removal of the personal, human aspect of your email marketing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Using our tips, you can maintain the personality and individuality that your marketing needs.

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