Artificial Intelligence: Cranking up the heat on personalisation

Artificial Intelligence doesn’t just benefit you. It also benefits your prospects and customers, making their journey and experience with you much more productive and enjoyable. Particularly when it comes to personalisation. After all, everyone loves the personal touch: going to your local coffee shop and being offered your usual. We all appreciate being treated like we’re an actual individual and not just a faceless number.

There is, however, a fine line where personalisation can become somewhat creepy. Or completely invalid. With Artificial Intelligence you can now personalise your marketing communications to within an inch of its life. And be confident it’s going to be factual and improve your results.

It’s no secret that the demand for marketing to be more personal is getting stronger by the day. Personalisation must be present at every stage of your funnel for consistency throughout your pipeline. With so much content and new marketing channels bombarding us and our prospects, the pressure is really on to get to the top of the pile in the inbox.

Enter: personalisation. Swiftly followed by Artificial Intelligence.

Data is the fuel

Without data, there is no AI. The foundation for Artificial Intelligence to work, and work well, is your data. After all, your model needs something to analyse and manipulate. As with everything marketing, your data is your goldmine and the key to personalisation is your data.

As marketers, we capture data on a daily basis from a variety of different sources. Social media, email marketing, IP and cookie tracking, form fills, content promoting. It’s time to start using the data you are capturing to your advantage. That’s what it’s there for.

With a strong dataset behind you, AI will not only allow marketers to target the right people at the right time, using the right messaging and via their preferred channel at the same time. Maximising your chance of engagement.

Connect your channels

Marketing has always been a challenge when it comes to managing all your activities, data, results under one roof. Connecting your multi-channel efforts including email, social media, PR, website etc is the first step to maximising your personalisation with Artificial Intelligence. Combining all the knowledge along with the entire behaviour journey of your previous customers into one single view is paramount for a deeper understanding of their preferences. Artificial Intelligence then allows you to combine all of this information together into a tangible marketing strategy.

From guestimates to predictions

Intelligent marketing automation eliminates the assumptions we make and the not knowing what will happen post campaign launch. Allowing marketers to test and launch multiple variants based on actual data from your customer’s previous behaviour.
By letting machines take the lead of analysing and translating individuals preferences, frees, us humans, up to focus on the more strategic marketing. Come and join us at one of our Artificial Intelligence Seminars or Webinars. We’ll provide the breakfast, coffee and inside knowledge on turning your marketing into a machine-led triumph.

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