Here at Pure360 we are very proud and excited to launch our Email Maturity Model, an industry-leading framework of email sophistication that enables email marketers to pinpoint exactly how advanced they are compared to the industry and start making steps to improve their results, stage by stage.

We have spent significant time and resource researching the email marketing landscape, liaising with multiple industry thought leaders and delving into our own customer base to ensure our Email Maturity Model is the most industry-accurate, reliable and successful framework available to email marketers today.

What’s in it for you?

The Pure360 Email Maturity Model enables marketers to establish where they are in comparison to their competitors, and offers them short and long term goals to work towards in an effort to advance their email marketing sophistication.


Establish which stage of the Maturity Model you are and benchmark yourself compared to others within the industry.

Structured journey

The Maturity Model offers a ready-made, highly-structured journey to help you grow your email marketing strategy and sophistication.

Goal setting

By using the individual (tactics, strategies, tools?) in each email maturity stage, you are able to set goals to help you advance into the next level of maturity.

Identifying missed opportunities

Use the elements in each maturity stage to identify gaps in your email marketing strategy and start putting relevant process in place early on to improve and grow.

Improve results

As you reach your goals and move along the maturity journey you will see an improvement in your strategy, tactics and your overall email marketing results.

Where do you sit?


Maturity Model Self Server

The Self Server

You send out emails sporadically to a fairly small list. As your list grows you are seeing your costs increase. The lack of support from your self-service provider means you are unsure of how to get the most out of your campaigns.



The Broadcaster

You broadcast your message to as many people as possible, focusing on lead generation, increased traffic, opens and clicks. You may be dealing with a small database and limited resource, you are still developing your email marketing business case.



The Segmenter

You are sending relevant, targeted campaigns to demographic segments in order to increase revenue and engagement. You may be finding it difficult to work with disparate systems and databases.



The Recommender

You build relationships and improve loyalty via frequent targeted campaigns, product recommendations and upselling. Due to your increasing use of data, you are likely to be reliant on IT resources for data management however struggling with achieving a single customer view.


Maturity Model Predictor

The Predictor

You are focused on lifecycle engagement and pre-empting and predicting behaviour to retain your customers, increase loyalty and generate scalable revenue. You may be struggling to stay ahead with the competition, and to perfect your marketing automation capabilities.



 The Interactor

You are at the pinnacle of the email marketing game! Your full data view, omni-channel approach and multiple integrated systems allows you to have a real time, one-to-one conversation with each of your subscribers. Creating content for each possible interaction is time and resource intensive, but your results show that it’s worth it.


How can we help you move up the maturity model?

At Pure360 we have helped hundreds of customers improve their results using our Email Maturity Model. It is an integral part of the products, services and advice that we offer our customers, enabling us to take you through a realistic, structured and reliable journey to successful email marketing.

Download our Maturity Model guide, and then get in touch to find out how we can help you improve your results.

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