Welcome emails are perhaps the most important of all automations, yet they are so commonly overlooked by brands who simply choose to add new subscribers to a list and wait until their next newsletter goes out before communicating with them.

Given that welcome emails get 320% more revenue than promotional emails, an 86% increase in open rates and a 196% increase in CTR (entrepreneur.com) it’s hard to understand why email marketers aren’t making the most of this campaign type.

We’ve compiled our top ten tips to help you optimise your client’s welcome campaigns:

Be quick

It’s best practice to send a welcome email immediately after the subscriber has signed up. In fact, many subscribers expect an email within the first 60 minutes so not sending an automated welcome email can negatively impact your brand (and revenue).

Optimise the subject line

As with any email, the subject line is crucial. Rather than opting for a generic “Welcome to {Company} why not try something more in line with your brand’s tone? Or including first name personalisation?

Say thank you

They have just parted with their data, so the least you can do is say thank you. This also helps to build brand loyalty and personality, making them feel like part of a community.

Set expectations

What types of communications will the subscriber receive? And how often? Setting their expectations early on in their lifecycle with you means they are less likely to unsubscribe in the future.

Get in the inbox

Make sure emails aren’t diverted to the junk folder and ask to be added to the safe senders list.

Grow your followers

Welcome emails are the perfect way to increase your following on social media. Simply include your top social media channel’s icons and ask the subscriber to follow you.

Acquire more data

Capitalise on the subscriber being at their most engaged and and ask them to personalise their email preferences. Extra data you collect now means you can be more targeted and segmented in the future.

Give them the option to unsubscribe

Be compliant with CAN-SPAM and make sure that all emails, including the welcome email, have a clear unsubscribe link.

Optimise for mobile

It is estimated that anywhere between 40-50% of emails are now viewed on a mobile device so it’s crucial your emails are optimised for mobile. Make sure your campaigns are fully tested and render correctly on all devices.

Keep it simple

Clearly there’s a wealth of content that you can include in your welcome campaigns, but remember to keep it simple. Use images to show off your product range and ensure any CTAs are concise and to the point.

Don’t forget that at the point of signing up to your newsletter or promotion the subscriber is at their most engaged with a company, take advantage!

Here’s some of our favourite welcome emails.

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