SMS is seen by some as outdated when it comes to marketing. But unlike other methods, it guarantees connection, grabs attention and delivers responses.

In fact 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of receiving them (Forbes, 2013), making SMS marketing one of the quickest and most reliable ways of targeting your audience.

We take a look at how agencies can use our SMS marketing solution – part of PureCampaign – to improve reach, drive results and deliver a great customer experience.

Guaranteed attention

We still receive far fewer SMS messages than emails so, when you hear a SMS alert on your mobile, you’re far more likely to pick it up. As SMS messages are more infrequent it also means your agency isn’t competing for the recipient’s attention as you are in the inbox. Your messages won’t be lost in newsfeeds or filtered off into the spam folder – it guarantees you’ll reach your customer quickly. Our SMS platform even offers delivery receipts so agencies can be sure they’ve reached their target within minutes.

Global appeal

You don’t need a smartphone or internet connection to receive an SMS messages, meaning it reaches areas and people that digital marketing often can’t. This is especially important if your client’s audience is global or you’re trying to appeal to older people who may not have digital access. Using our platform you can choose from real-time delivery or schedule your SMS messages to free-up marketing resource whilst delivering important messages anywhere at anytime.

Getting personal

It’s not just reach that makes SMS Marketing so appealing – it’s the relationship we have with SMS messages. SMS is seen as more personal than email (Woopra, 2016). We don’t tend to give people our mobile numbers unless we want to hear from them so if your client has permission to use mobile data then encourage them to reach out with it. The content of your messages can be tailored to the customer allowing you to address them personally.

Our SMS service allows you to send multipart messages meaning you’re no longer restricted on how much you can say – you can now deliver messages which include up to 459 characters.

Driving quantifiable results

Just because you’re sending an SMS message doesn’t mean you can’t see the results. Our SMS platform gives agencies a complete overview of the success of a campaign, tracks responses and even tells you how your campaign could be improved. SMS marketing is still the most effective method to gather any feedback from your recipients (Smartinsights, 2014). Customers can rate the level of service they receive, confirm appointments, vote or donate using an SMS. Our SMS marketing platform is a fast way of getting answers you can measure – providing quantifiable results and allowing you to open up dialogue with customers.

Super-powering success

Like all marketing methods SMS Marketing shouldn’t be used in isolation but alongside other digital tactics to reinforce your message. As an agency you not only improve the reach of your campaign by using SMS but increase the success rates of other channels. For example, sending an SMS to alert a recipient of an important email you’ve sent will increase your email open rates by 20% (Smartinsights, 2014). Including links within SMS messages means you encourage people to complete actions online driving visits and engagement on your client’s website. Our SMS marketing platform is an easy and convenient way of super-powering the success of your email campaigns sent through PureCampaigns.

If your client has mobile data then use it – the power, reach and response rates are often underestimated but the results are never forgotten.

So next time you consider which marketing methods to use in your next client’s campaign don’t forget SMS marketing. Our SMS platform gives you instant access to an untapped audience which is often overlooked.

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