9 nifty ways to generate sales leads

You can generate sales leads with many different strategies. It’s important to remember that there isn’t one individual way of generating leads that is 100% effective for everyone.

Whilst it’s important for you to figure out what works best for your company – for example through A/B testing – we’ve gotten the basic guess-work out of the way. Here are some methods that are already proven to generate sales leads, all you have to do is pick which you’re going to use.

1)     Be personal  

However you contact leads, whether via phone or email, if you’re not talking about something relevant to them, they won’t listen. Make sure that whatever you say, especially anything pitch-related is relevant to them. If you need to discover what they’re interested in, you might want to try tracking your website visitors movements.

2)     Keep it short, sharp and simple 

As a vital part of any business, you’ll understand this one fact: people working in business are busy. If you’re reaching out to prospects with a long, complicated explanation about why they need your product, your audience will switch off. That being said, don’t scrap the in-depth explanation of your product – just makes sure it’s put away somewhere that people can read it when and if they want to. Get them to that point with attention-grabbing emails.

3)     Focus on your landing page 

Whatever page your clients most commonly land on is where they’re going to get their first impression of you, your company and your product. Everyone always complains about bad first impressions, right? Make sure people want to stay on your website and see more after their first visit, rather than wanting to leave and never return.

The aesthetic quality of your website is vital – not only for your landing page but for every page. Keep it professional, minimalist and, dare I say it, ‘pretty’. A web page with low-effort design won’t look legitimate to potential buyers and people will turn away in an instant.

4)     Keep contact information on EVERY page 

We’ve all seen it – the list of address, email, telephone in various places on a website’s first page. Place yours somewhere it’s not shoved into your visitor’s face but where it’s easy to find. Oftentimes, if contact information is at the bottom of the page, there is a natural flow from introduction to an enquiry.

5)     USE social media 

There are a number of social media and social networking websites – so make sure you’re using them. Tweet, write blog articles, make LinkedIn posts, and always make sure the content is relevant to your company. Interesting, relevant content is a sure-fire way to get people from social media to your website and perhaps, eventually, to landing a sale.

6)     Create Webinars 

Webinars or fun, informative videos for YouTube are two more ways to get yourself noticed. A web series of some kind – tips, ‘a day in the office’, best practices – will improve clients’ engagement rates and make them more interested in what you have to offer them.

7)     Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer 

At least, non-competitive enemies. Sometimes it can help to try co-marketing. Guest blog and create content partnerships to give each other publicity. This method allows you to share your leads and share client trust and credibility.

8)     Make sure you ARE selling 

You might think that offering free content is helping to generate sales leads left, right and centre, but that’s not very likely. Drawing people in with free stuff isn’t securing deals, it’s securing a client’s interest in that particular free product. You need to make sure you nurture this interest to a selling point by capitalising on how your product can help them further.

9)     Customer referrals

At the end of the day, one happy customer telling their friends or ally companies about how great your product will produce a higher success rate than anything else. Keep clients happy and they can help bring sales leads to your front door.

It might be useful in some cases to announce a referral offer. The offer should be decided to suit your company, but can definitely help get the ball rolling.

Can you think of any ways to generate sales leads that we’ve missed? Let us know!

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