It is estimated that roughly 306.5 billion emails were sent every day (yes, every day) in 2020. A figure that is expected to increase to over 376.4 billion daily emails by 2025.

That’s a lot of email.

And it also means inboxes are more competitive than ever.

Add to that the fact that the average attention span is a mere 8 seconds (down from 12 back in 2000). And it’s clear that emails have to engage, quickly, to stand a chance against the competition.

Key to this engagement is ensuring your emails are as interactive as possible. That they can be easily read and clicked on by all recipients. That they are fun to consume. And that they encourage the recipient to continue engaging with your brand and the buying journey.

In this blog post, we will cover ways that you can up your marketing game by making your emails more interactive.

Mobile-first design

Let’s start with the basics.

An email can’t be in any way interactive if it is not displaying correctly.

The number of mobile users is forecast to grow by several hundred million over the next few years. And more than 40% of consumers check their email on mobile devices. This means that ensuring that your emails look the best they possibly can on desktop and mobile is increasingly essential to ensure even the most basic of interaction.

If this is something your brand needs to focus on, then we have an entire guide that can help you out.

7 ways to make email marketing more interactive_Mobile

Dynamic content

You’d be forgiven for thinking that once an email has been sent out, its content is set in stone.

Not necessarily.

With the use of dynamic content blocks, you can create elements of your email that will automatically refresh the content every time an email is opened. It also means that you can automatically personalise the content of your email to each individual recipient. Without any additional work.

Dynamic content has such a wide variety of uses. Such as keeping product pricing and availability up to date. Pulling through booking details. Or simply ensuring the copy, imagery, language and currency is completely relevant to the recipient.

7 ways to make email marketing more interactive_Dynamic Content


By adding personalisation to your emails, you are emulated a one-to-one conversation; increasing both engagement and interactivity.

There are so many personalisation tactics you can execute within email. In fact, we have endless guides and blog posts on the subject.

You can start small by utilising the recipient’s first name. Or segment your audience based on their demographic and buying behaviour.

But if you really want to improve interactivity, then utilise dynamic content blocks to pull through personalised information that will be tailored to the individual recipient.

This could include the products they will be most interested in or events and store locations that are closest to them.

7 ways to make email marketing more interactive_Personalisation

Live shopping baskets

The average shopping basket abandonment rate is a whopping 74.52%.

That’s a lot of potential revenue being missed.

Abandon basket emails are ideal for reminding recipients of their purchase and encouraging them to check out. But as this may be your last shot at securing the sale, you want to make these emails as engaging and interactive as possible.

Live shopping baskets include detailed information about the items that the recipient has abandoned. Including product name and image, pricing, and even availability.

This is particularly useful if their item is on sale, or has nearly sold out.

Animated GIFs

GIFs offer the perfect way to add movement and visuals to your emails, without the hassle of using videos, which can add to the loading speed of your emails. And of course, can be resource-intensive to create.

GIFs can be used in a variety of ways to grab attention.

Ticking clocks if you’re counting down to an event or sale. Featuring your audience’s favourite TV programs or movies. To showcase a product in use or items of clothing on a model. Cakes or fireworks for celebrations. Or you could even flex your skills and create your own GIF tailored to your business.

7 ways to make email marketing more interactive

Countdown timers

If you wanted to get a little more sophisticated than a ticking clock for your countdowns, then you can incorporate a dynamic countdown timer.

Not only are countdown timers a great interactive visual, but they also add a sense of urgency to your sales or events; encouraging users to take action quickly.

And by utilising a dynamic content block for your timer, the clock will automatically update every time that the email is opened or refreshed. So it will always show the accurate time left.

7 ways to make email marketing more interactive

Quizzes and polls

Quizzes and polls are a great way to gamify your emails in an interactive way.

This could include a poll to encourage recipients to vote, through to a survey where recipients can answer a simple question

This type of interaction is regularly used for customer surveys too, such as an NPS.

As well as making your email interactive, this also encourages recipients to engage directly within the email without having to click away.

7 ways to make email marketing more interactive

Are you inspired by these interactive emails?

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