Now I don’t mean to start on a dark note here, but it is worth noting that a heavy proportion of the eCommerce population ditch their visit before getting to the checkout. This means that only a quarter of your website visitors are likely to purchase from you. These visitors are generally known as window shoppers because they browse around without a solid buying intent.

But don’t worry, I am not only here to give you all the bad news. In fact, I am here to share with you some of the most powerful browser abandonment email techniques that you can implement in your marketing practices and send to your browser abandoners, captivating those lapsed customers right back into the game. All you need to do is whip up a funky little email to send out to these casual shoppers once they leave your website, trying to lure them right back to where they left off.

By accomplishing this, you could win back approximately 5% of your lapsed customers. This may not sound pleasing at all with a microscopic figure as such, but when each percentage represents thousands of pounds falling out of your pockets, it begins to add up to a hefty total.

1. The Email Sign Up

To successfully fire up your email journey with these lapsed customers, you must get them to share their email address with you. This can be done using a pop-up or slide-in on your landing page. Make it creative and attractive by throwing in an exclusive voucher code for all first-time shoppers who give their email to sign up for the deal. Nobody turns down a good bargain; especially one that only takes ten seconds of one’s time to simply jot down their email address and they are already in the game!

Once you have your hands on the email addresses of your potential customers, you are already on the road to success, as they have shown interest in your company.

2. The Golden Ticket

Think about it, if someone has come onto your website, they are interested in what you can offer. But now, they have also signed up to your exclusive deal by giving you their email address. This already gives you the upper hand, as the customer is curious enough to have landed on your website no matter where they came from; and they have given you their details no matter what the reason. You now have the golden opportunity to nurture these website visitors through a friendly email reminding them about their joyful visit.

3. Email Content

I guess anyone can say do this or do that and you are bound to shine, right? But the challenge is about how. How can you do it? We will not leave you hanging. We’ll tell you exactly how you can lure those customers back to your website by giving you ideas on how you can gear up your email campaigns.

Start your emails with something short and catchy that would stimulate the minds of the reader, then dive into the content using personalisation and display some products that they had their eyes on, tempting them to come back and make a purchase on them.

If you display a bunch of items that had caught their attention as they were browsing through, it will revive the mind as it sparks a sense of familiarity which ultimately makes one more inclined to make a purchase as they begin to link things together. Embedding targeted advertising into the emails gives them that fine buff to enhance the implementation of the personalisation strategy.

4. Analysing Customer Intent

When tailoring your emails, you should also consider customer buying intent, as this should be the base that you work your emails of from.

Analyse intensity of the buying intent by observing the behaviour of that visitor before they had abandoned the webpage. How many times did they come back and visit the same product? Did they access your website through a marketing email? Did they use your search feature to explore a specific range of products? These are all visitors who have illustrated a higher buying intent than just your usual window shopper.

Checking out a specific product multiple times indicating high buying intent as the customer seemed to really consider that product. All they need now is a light nudge with a lovely email post-abandonment to help seal the deal.

If your visitor had accessed your website through an email then there must be something about you that had pulled them all the way over, conveying a high sense of interest. All they need is another gentle reminder to re-engage them.

Exploring products through the search engine also reflects a significantly engaged visitor as they are taking time out to manually search various products. When a visitor has given so much time and effort to your website as such, they are in an engaged state and all they need is the pat of confidence before they refresh and re-engage their minds back into the buying attitude.

5. Time is Money

You must remember with everything you do – time is key, time is money. Acting in a timely manner could drive a whole purchase. Therefore, timing your browser abandonment emails is utterly vital. The period between the bounce and the big send off should be no longer than 24 hours, as the email would lose its impact the longer that it is on hold for. The reason behind this is that your website visitor might not even remember why or when they had visited your website. Or worse – they have purchased from a competitor already! So, ensure to keep your email consistent with the action.

You also do not want to come across as hard-edged by sending the email out only seconds after the bounce. Leave in some good marination time and send schedule your browser abandonment email campaigns for between 20-120 minutes after the browser was abandoned. Your visitor would be in an easily re-engageable state during this period, and you will not come across as creepy or impatient, nor does it hold a substantial risk of losing them to your competitor.

6. Saying Thank You

But your service should not stop there, you must show these regained customers a little appreciation for their purchase by sending them a thank you email. This polishes the relationship between you and your lapsed visitor; and if you give them something delightful to remember then their tendency to return increases. The relationship is not just till the point-of-purchase but should remain post-purchase to gain a loyal and long-term customer.

7. Enjoy The Sun

Follow these tips then sit back and relax, as you watch your conversion rates shoot up with these browser abandonment email campaign strategies. And with our platform in place, you are bound to be winning in this game.

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We can help you effortlessly reach a much larger audience regardless of if they’re logged into the site or not. Our software allows you to set up those browser abandonment email campaigns and then sit back and enjoy the sun whilst we take care of the rest.

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