The wellness industry is well and truly booming.

In fact, consumers are spending more on wellness than ever. The industry now boasts a $1.5 trillion market globally. And is growing at a rate of 5% – 10% each year.

And with so many consumers turning online to buy, take part in, and engage with wellness. Being part of the wellness industry has never been so easy.

Unfortunately, this means competition and expectations are high. And with wellness trends seemingly changing on a weekly basis, there’s lots for any brand in the industry to keep up with.

Email marketing personalisation enables many brands in the wellness industry to solve some common challenges. Here’s 7 examples from brands in the wellness industry that are smashing it right now!


Email marketing personalisation tactic – Basket abandonment

Implementing an email abandonment series can not only increase revenues but be a useful reminder for consumers.

Personalisation Tip - Basket Abandonment

Uniquely Organic Eco Spa

Email marketing personalisation tactic – Post purchase follow up

Once a purchase has been made – the hard work doesn’t stop there.

Communicating with customers post purchase or post treatment are a great way to continue the conversation throughout the buying journey.

Personalisation - Post Purchase Emails


Hey Nutrition

Email marketing personalisation tactic – Subscription renewal reminders

For many wellness brands subscriptions are a key revenue stream. However a common challenge is getting the consumer to renew. Reminder emails are a very useful solution both for brand and consumer!

Personalisation - Subscription Renewal


Email marketing personalisation tactic – Back in stock notification

One of the main reasons brands lose to competitors is that they don’t have the desired product in stock. So potential customers often go elsewhere.

Instead of losing the consumer at this stage, give them the option to sign up for back in stock notifications. These are automated communications that are triggered when the product comes back in stock – driving the consumer back to the site to complete the purchase.

Personalisation - Back in stock emails

Sweaty Betty

Email marketing personalisation tactic – Dynamic content – Pricing & Availability 

Whether that be due to a sale or surge in demand, the pricing and availability of products are always changing.

Don’t disappoint the potential buyer by promoting a product in an email that ends up being in stock should they go to purchase. Combine behavioural data with data feeds that automate real time pricing, offers and availability for specific products.

Personalisation - Pricing and availability

Fitness First

Email marketing personalisation tactic – Dynamic Content – Geotargeting

Combine location data alongside dynamic content to serve the most relevant messaging based on the recipients location.

Personalisation - Geotargeting

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