6 ways to enhance your websites profitability and lead generation

These days your website is the storefront of your business. It’s the go-to place for anyone to find out about what you do and how to get in touch. Needless to say, it’s important you get it right, so you pique the interest of your leads.

There are four key elements involved in making your website turn a sweet profit that we’ll examine below:

Evolution of web design
Creating a website that’s clean and modern plays an important part in its success. But the design of your website is so much more than colour schemes and stock images.

Quick load times
If it takes more than 3 seconds to load, you could lose 46% of your website traffic. Leave pointless animations and auto play videos at the door!

Responsive design
We’re all on the move all the time, and we want our content to be as accessible as possible. Having a website that doesn’t adapt to iPads or smartphones isn’t good enough now.

You should also keep your contact details and address in a prominent place, so it’s easy for your leads to find you.

Content journey
Your website visitors want to access as quickly as possible. We’ve addressed load times, but this is also applicable to clicks too. On average, a visitor will want to access the information they want to know in less than three clicks.

But it’s so much more than that. Consider the journey; a blog should lead to a whitepaper, from there a feature page or case studies. This is as much about nurturing leads as it is establishing your expertise to customers.

Track your visitors
Next step is to track what your visitors are looking at and how often they’re engaging. We use a combination of IP lookup (to identify your leads) and lead scoring to do this. Personalise the campaigns you send them, making sure you send them what they’re interested in.

You can also predict whereabouts your leads are in the sales cycle, so you send the right content types to them. Invite your hot leads to events, they are more likely to convert there than cold leads.

Trigger campaigns
Finally, you should set up a triggered lead nurture campaign. Track their engagement via their lead score and prepare them for the sales process.

Consider the content journey again here, as well as personalisation. If a lead downloads a whitepaper about x, send them more whitepapers or guides on the same topic.

If you’d like more advice on how to turn your website into a money-making machine, get in touch with us!

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