6 Tips to social media marketing success

Social media has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, it’s certainly not what it used to be. It’s the place to be for marketers and sales people to connect digitally.

In order for your social media marketing to be a success, we’ve got 6 tips for you to consider implementing.

1 Outshine your competitors

Your social media channels are the gateway for your prospects to compare you with your competitors. You are on show: individually and corporately.

You need to have an edge over your competitors to ensure your message shines through. After all, it’s not a digital version of your CV, its an extension of your sales and marketing platforms.

With GatorSocial, you can use our competitor analysis tool to identify where you rank. Find out about your competitors engagement and their followers.

2 Don’t be shy

Social media is all about connecting, so make sure you do just that! If you have something to share then speak up and share. Connect with your followers on a genuine level. Don’t only post about your business updates but include day to day office and work life. Don’t make it all about selling.

3 Get rid of leaky landing pages

When promoting your best piece of content, don’t fall on the landing page. That’s the most important part of getting a conversion.

Create specific landing pages for high value content, and if gating it, request email address only, not to drive people away. Make sure that it’s clear why your clickers have landed on that page and what you want them to do next.

Leaks kill conversions! Make sure you have all areas covered to get the best engagement.

4 Remarketing via social media

Whether it’s through LinkedIn, Twitter or paid campaigns, remarketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

This allows you to increase your chance of conversion. And from here, target the leads you know are relevant and interested in your business. Increased conversion rate AND lower cost per click… what’s not to love!?

5 It’s all in the structure

When it comes to social media success it’s all in the structure of your campaign. Make sure your end goal is clearly defined at the beginning of each month and always in sight.

Arm yourself with all the components you need to succeed and stick to your schedule or calendar. You need to know what content you are publishing on which channel and when.

It’s also great to get industry influencers on your side. Increase the command of your campaigns by getting them to engage with your posts. This improve the reach to a wider audience who would otherwise be unaware of your posts and brand.

6 Monitor, measure and manage

It’s essential to keep a watchful eye on your social media progress. This helps keep your strategy fresh and relevant, using the right channels and not missing any tricks.

GatorLeads can identify all your social media leads and in turn attribute any new customers back to the correct source. It’s also a good way to stay ahead of the game, and identify any loopholes or elements that may need tweaking or revisiting.

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