Landing pages are one of the most valuable marketing channels available to any business.

Whether you are looking to grow your email list, sell more items, or improve engagement, landing pages are a perfect way to nurture your audience, retain your customers, educate your community, and drive sales.

In fact, businesses can see an uplift in leads of 55% when they simply increase the number of landing pages they have from 10 to 15. And those with 40+ landing pages generate 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less.

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It seems that it’s ‘the more the merrier’ when it comes to landing pages. So why aren’t more businesses churning them out?

Unfortunately, marketers consider the testing of multiple landing pages to be an advanced and difficult methodology. So much so that landing page build and testing is one of the top five challenges faced by marketers.

Add to this that roughly 75% of businesses struggle to optimise their landing page copy.

It seems that landing pages are a channel that many marketers are struggling with.

That’s why we want to help.

So here are our 6 best practice tips for landing pages to help you see that increase in leads, engagement, and conversions.


Grab attention with hard-hitting headlines

Roughly half of the people who visit your landing page will bounce. Clearly that’s not ideal, so it’s essential to grab their attention and engage with them in the shortest amount of time possible.

A simple way of doing this is to directly tell your visitors the benefits you can bring to them, and exactly what’s in it for them. All within seconds of them landing on your page.

Your headline is the first thing that they will read, so it’s the perfect way to achieve this.

Ensure that it’s clear, concise, and quickly communicates the benefits of them landing on your page so that they won’t be able to resist reading (or clicking) on.

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Inspire with your imagery

Of course, every landing page needs an image. But not just any image.

Make sure that the imagery you choose reflects your audience and the goal of the landing page.

Aim to convey a feeling and emotion to your audience. Suggest to them how they could feel after converting on your landing page.

One particularly successful tactic to achieving this is by using photography of people to reflect positive emotions right back at the reader.

We also would advise testing your various options for images, as something as simple as colour can have a big impact on results.

Image Source: Uber


Clear copy that engages your audience

You’ve crafted that hard-hitting headline and designed the perfect imagery. Now don’t let your landing page down with lazy copy.

Cut the waffle, the jargon, and the fluff.

Your copy needs to be clear and concise, helping your audience engage and understand the message you are conveying in the shortest time possible.

And don’t forget to make it personal to them. Speak to them directly; incorporating their wants, needs, and challenges. All in a tone of voice that is familiar to them.

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Be bold with your CTA

Your CTA (call to action) is arguably the most important consideration of your landing page. This is the end point that will get you that all-important conversion.

To ensure that it’s not ignored or skimmed over, make sure your CTA stands out.

You could achieve this through bold or contrasting colours, or a prominent position on the page.

Don’t forget to make the most of your CTA copy too. Make it crystal clear what you want the visitor to do, whether that be “Sign up”, “Buy now”, or “Download”.

Keep it clear, bold, and simple.

Image Source: Netflix


Get creative, but remain consistent

Even though research shows that the more landing pages a business has, the more leads they generate, it doesn’t mean that every landing page should be completely unique.

Instead, it’s important to maintain consistency throughout all of your landing pages so they are easily recognisable as part of your brand.

While you may want to get creative with specific visuals and copy relating to your offer, product, or service. Be sure to consult your brand guidelines first.

Also tie in your brand colours, your visual style, and your tone of voice throughout to ensure your pages are all consistent.


Test, test, and test again

As always, our advice should be tailored to your specific business and audience.

This can be achieved through continuous testing of your landing pages. Each time making just a single change to one variant, such as a heading, image, or CTA.

The more tests you run, the more accurate your data becomes. And once you have collected data on your audience, you can start applying what you have learned to design and create new, successful landing pages.

Want to expand your landing pages?

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