6 amazing ways to boost your email engagement

Are you trying hard enough with your email campaigns?

Knowing what people like can be a tricky business – nobody is a mind reader. The simple truth of the matter, though, is that you can probably trust yourself. Think of the emails that interested you enough to get you to read past the subject line and use their techniques to your advantage.

If you’re still struggling – or find it hard to trust your own judgment – don’t worry! Here are six amazing ways to boost your email engagement.

1)     “Want to know how YOU can boost email engagement?”

Did that grab your attention? Email subject lines are the first and most important thing to focus on in email marketing. You’ve probably heard it time and time again (especially if you’ve read any articles on this subject). First impressions count.

There’s a reason people say it so much. A subject line is the first selling point of your campaign. If it’s intriguing enough, your email click-through rate will go through the roof.

2)     Keep your design simple

Design wasn’t made for more email platforms, so you don’t want to spend too long on design your audience might not even look at. But people love visuals, so if you are going to use them – keep your design simple.

Why do people love Apple? It’s sleek, minimalist. Advertisements for iPhones and iPads are easy on the eye. They get to the point, and that’s the next crucial trick.

3)     Keep things short, sharp and appetising

If your target audience’s first question about your email is “why?” and it remains unanswered, they aren’t likely to stick around. As a rule, it’s not a good idea to spend too long drawing someone in. A quirky one liner should be enough to get the job done. Past that point, tell the customer what they need to do to get the value out of your email. A quick call to action is all your engagement needs.

4)     Don’t lose your humanity chasing leads

Robotic emails don’t gain engagement; they lose it. Keep your email content fun and personal. Understand that your audience is human, and so they expect you to be as well. Even the most worn businessman on the planet knows how to laugh. Catching their good side with friendliness and personality might get them interested in your company and your product.

5)     Make sure content is relevant

It’s a good idea to segment up your contact list. If you choose to ignore customer individuality, you’ll give the impression that you don’t care about your client base. As karma from the universe, they will inevitably stop caring about you too.

Know who’s who when you send out content. Create personas, keep an eye on where they are in their buyer journey. In heaps of emails, you want yours to stand out as something your client needs rather than yet another email from a list they forgot to unsubscribe from.

6)     Keep out of the spam zone

Getting marked as spam is like being sent to inbox purgatory. You don’t progress, your campaign just goes stagnant. Then you lose subscribers, contacts. Inbox hell.

Be active in avoiding being marked with the dreaded spam sticker. Do your research on spam filters. Similarly, read up on clutter and how to avoid that label, too. After all, how can you engage leads if they never even see your emails?

Now comes the time to start putting these tips into your marketing campaigns. Don’t worry – we’re here to help with our introduction to digital marketing strategy.

For further advice on creating an= basic email marketing campaign, feel free to check out this guide we wrote.


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