5 Ways to Identify individuals visiting your website (not just companies)

If you are using GatorLeads, you will hopefully be seeing lots of big companies visiting your website. Although it’s a great ego boost to see the likes of people from the BBC, Jaguar Land Rover or Barclays Bank on your site, it could be a lot more useful if you knew the names and contact details of the individuals who are looking at your pages. 

Obviously, we would advise that you use the full Spotler platform to give you this information, take away the manual work and create automated retargeting programmes off the back of those who visit your site. But if that’s not an option for now, there’s a few tips and tricks available to get the information you need 

Here’s our top 5 alternative methods of finding out which individuals are visiting your site, when using GatorLeads.

  1. Outlook PURL tool

Imagine you want to follow-up with someone you have recently met or spoken to. Maybe you connected on LinkedIn or were introduced by a third party over email. A smart way of doing this is by using Outlook to send them a PURL (or a Personalised URL). Once they have clicked on that link, you will be alerted via email. In future when they visit your website you will see them on your MyLeads dashboard and it may then be the perfect time to give them a call. Or set up a ‘Watch’ and you’ll be notified the moment they visit your site. 

Follow this step-by-step guide on our helpsite to set up this tool button, so it will automatically install on your outlook desktop app. You’ll need your login details for Outlook 365 online and for GatorLeads / SSO login to hand.

The Gator Button 

Now when you add a new email you will see the ‘gator at the top of the screen to access the Outlook PURL, making it more accessible to use as and when you need it. 


Or if you prefer to simply create the link online, you can create your PURLs here.

2) Tracking for email

If you use GatorMail alongside GatorLeads, you can cookie your leads when they click on your email. This enables you to track them when they come on to your website in future. 

If you don’t use GatorMail and are using another email provider alongside GatorLeads, there’s still a way to track the links in your emails.  


If you are using Campaign Monitor, DotDigital or Mailchimp, we have created a special form for you to create your links with. That’s the sort of thing we do at Spotler to ensure you are getting the most out of our platform. Simply follow these steps.  

This is unique functionality for GatorLeads so you should be making the most of it! If you are using a different platform to send emails, reach out to us and we can provide you with the code to use with your ESP. This enables you to track your email contacts through your website – both from your campaigns and when they come across your site in the future.  

3) Contacts in GatorLeads

GatorLeads  provides you with details of people by hierarchy or job function for many of the companies identified. 

If you see a person of interest or one that fits within your target personasyou can purchase the email address of that contact for just 50p. Once you know one email address, you could make an educated guess at the email address of the other people listed, or just buy them all. It’s a nifty trick to build a quality database using GatorLeads and with a small budget 

Now, another (slightly more long-winded) route could also work. Once you’ve seen the company listed on GatorLeads, go on to LinkedIn and search for the organisation and look for employees with the right job titles and see who comes up. You could then use sites such as skrapp.io or hunter.io to find their email address and go from there. Once you have the individual name and email address, you can reach out to them, send them a PURL, include them in your email campaigns and start a conversation.  

4) Forms on your website

You’ve almost certainly got some sort of web capture form on your website. It may simply be Contact Us or you may have some gated assets or even a section of your site which needs login details 

If you are using GatorMail and Spotler smart forms on your website, then you will automatically be dropping cookies on those who fill out the form.  

However, if you are using your own forms, we can provide you with the code to put behind that ‘submit button so that when someone clicks ‘submit, you can capture that information and they can be tracked to the known contact email address from your GatorLeads interface. Your web developer would need to get involved, but we can give you the instructions to pass on to them.  

This means that you can continue to track your lead from the moment they complete their details and see when they come back to your site again in the future. Giving you the insight to then give them a call, knowing that not only have they form-filled to receive some content but they have also been back on the site the following week.  

It gives you a long-term view of that lead and much more return from somebody completing the form, so you can use that data going forwards. And it enables you to have a more forthright conversation with a lead, instead of feeling like it’s a cold call. That confidence is often the difference between a sale or a miss.  

And it makes your sales team more efficient. So don’t waste time cold calling people who aren’t so interested. Focus instead on those who have engaged with your forms and emails and who are coming back on your site and visiting certain key pages such as Pricing or Contact Us, but who haven’t reached out to you yet. Oh, and you now have a named individual to ask for when you call. That’s going to be a much more productive use of your sales teams time.  

At Spotler, we always say to our customers, that it’s not just about having the tools. It’s about how you use them. It’s about following up on the insight and the data that they give youAnd GatorLeads (even when used on its own) is one of the best tools for lead generation and nurture if used in the right way. 

5) GatorPopUp

We have recently launched Gator PopUp Forms. And if you are using GatorLeads, GatorPopUp is a great tool to sync it with.  

With Popups, you can create an invitation for someone who is visiting your site to sign-up to your newsletter or download a guide or book on to a webinar. And GatorPopUp gives you the opportunity to do that from your website, and to capture their email address and name.  

That data can then automatically feed in to GatorLeadsSo, whenever the person who engaged with your popup comes back onto your site later, you can see exactly which pages they looked at and a whole stack of other data about them. Sounds good, right? See how it works. 


So, there you have it. 5 ways of finding the named individuals who are visiting your website when using GatorLeads. This will transform your way to generate leads and make your sales team massively more productive. All it takes is a bit of time to set things up and track down those names.

If you don’t have the time, you might consider using the Gator platform as a whole. It automates all these processes for you so you can sit back and watch those leads roll in and be nurtured through the buying journey.

If you haven’t yet used GatorLeads to see who’s visiting your website, set up a free 2 week trial here.

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