5 ways to bullet proof your marketing from changes

You think you’ve got your marketing strategy all set up and then– BAM! Something happens to unsettle your perfect balance. Things can change so suddenly that it can really damage your marketing. Think about Ryanair’s “Celebrating staying in the EU!” email that was sent out just as we found out that Brexit had won.

It’s difficult to see things like this coming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t – or shouldn’t – prepare for them. We’ve got 5 ways marketers can brace themselves against any upcoming marketing hitches without losing out…

Don’t be afraid of change

Just because unsettling change could be constantly imminent, doesn’t mean you should hide in your offices and hope that it’ll go away. That’s how you become a paranoid hermit – and paranoid hermits don’t get the work done that you need to.

Keep experimenting and innovating, be as fluid as you can. If you’re the one bringing about new changes, keeping things fresh and moving, then it can’t get in your way. You’ll be prepared before anyone else is!

Test everything

Still, it can be a big deal to keep things moving and you don’t want to come across as unstable. That’s why you keep everything smooth instead of all over the place – and test everything. Using A/B split testing, you can test two new campaigns at a time – saving money – but also make sure that what you are doing is working for you. This way, you can keep things new without worrying that you’re being too outlandish.

Stay on the ball

Even if you don’t follow them, you want to know what all the current marketing trends are. Although you don’t want to end up being dubbed a company of “sheeple”, you want to be sure that if there is anything you can work with, you get on top of it. If nothing else, this can help you make sure that what you’re doing isn’t totally disconnected from the rest of the world.

By knowing what’s going on with other marketers, you can avoid your new, fresh ideas clashing with something else – meaning you won’t end up making a fool of yourself with a huge faux pas.

Show ‘em your wow factor

You want to create a value proposition to share with new leads and existing customers so that they know why you’re the best at what you do. In times of instability, everyone grabs on to something stable, something or someone they trust. Make that person you, by being able to show prospects what it is that makes you so good.

Don’t spam or attack your leads with these facts, though. You want them to know you, not hate you. That’s why your ideas should be widely applicable so that you can market your value not only to cold leads but hot leads and customers as well!

Nurture, nurture, nurture

Just like your value, nurturing your leads can help you keep prospects and customers when things get tough. Show your leads that they are valued, and show your customers that you appreciate them staying loyal to you. Be the company that’s known for putting your clients first, and when that unexpected change hits you, you’ll be able to bear the brunt of the storm.


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