5 tips to turbo-charge your lead generation

If your lead generation strategy isn’t up to scratch, it might feel like years before you get the leads – and sales – that you want. Maybe you feel like you’re just waiting around for leads, or maybe you just want a bit more activity in your CRM. Either way, our 5 tips for turbo-charging your lead generation should be just what you need.

1 – Start a company blog

Whatever industry you’re in, a blog will always help you get more traffic. Not only does it bring in attention via SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but by creating posts that cover all different aspects of your business you can net the interest of more leads.

2 – Present your own webinars

On top of the offer of blog content, why not give your leads more visual content to digest? Webinars give prospects a way to learn from you and your company, whilst also interacting with you and other leads. By setting up a chat window, allowing your leads to communicate, you can set up a form of digital networking event all on the sideline of marketing your company – giving a good all-round vibe to the knowledge that you are sharing.

3 – Trend/news-jacking

Trend or news-jacking is often used on Twitter as a way for companies to show that they have a fun side. Whilst you want to avoid sounding like a parent trying to be “hip” (or a faux pas like using a hashtag you don’t know anything about), it can be a good way to engage leads and build a good rapport. Find relevant hashtags that you know and are trending, and add your own two cents. Make a joke, or share your opinion – just get yourself heard.

4 – Clear CTAs

In all of your digital marketing efforts, you should have clear CTAs – namely in your email marketing campaigns and on your website. CTAs get your contacts to your site, looking at your content and checking out your product. If that’s what you ultimately want, and we’re pretty sure it is, then you want to make sure they see and are active with it.

5 – Network at events for lead generation

Not all of your marketing needs to be online, and making the right face-to-face connections can really get your business growing. Set up some events for your leads and customers to come along, and send out email marketing alongside to get as much attention as possible.

The point of all this is that you give to your leads instead of taking. You give them interesting content, you give them webinars, events, or maybe even give them a laugh with trend-jacking – all this instead of taking up their time, coming across as trying to take their money. Keep your leads happy: give them what they want!

These are all great starting points, but if you’re looking for material that’s a bit more in depth, feel free to download this guide we wrote!

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