5 things we learned about B2B comedy

Everyone thinks they have a sense of humour, but applying comedy to B2B Marketing is a tricky art. Adam Hunt of White Label Comedy has made it his mission to help brands master it. Here are 5 things we learned when Adam joined That Marketing Podcast. 

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What the ”likes” you get on social media are actually telling you:

When someone engages with a piece of your content, they’re not doing it to tell you they liked it, they’re doing it to serve their own social purposes. That’s actually kind of more important than the joke itself, just making sure that it represents something that your audience is keen to share.”


One big way brands can come unstuck with humour:

The key thing is that you should never make a joke for the sake of making a joke. You should always make a joke about something that matters to your audience, and that is relevant to your brand.”


The broader marketing problem that leads to poor use of humour:

“Brands having people running their socials or running their marketing that aren’t the target audience is actually a huge problem at every level of marketing, and not just restricted to humour and using it right.”


The other issue brands need to grapple with:

I’m yet to work with a single client, whose PDF brand tone of voice guidelines that they developed a couple of years back and haven’t really looked at since actually ties in with anything they’re doing on social anyway.”


The most important thing to take away:

“The most important thing is never to let the joke get in the way of the functional conversion copy. So, stepping away from social posts for a second, if you’re looking at meatier pieces of copy, like emails and sales pages, and even Facebook ads, they are working on a very, very complex functional, psychological level. And if you’ve already got a winning ad, and I throw out all of the bits that work and replace them with jokes, your sales are going to tank.”


Reply with your best marketing automation punchline…

Social media is the easiest place to start your journey into being a funny marketer. GatorSocial’s scheduler will help you to blend humorous posts in with your regular content. Then its powerful analytics tools will let you see what your audience make of your jokes.

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