5 things that should be on your B2B marketing Christmas wish list

With sleigh bells ringing faintly in the distance, Christmas is the perfect time to review what you need to make your marketing successful in 2017. Some of you may be wishing for miracles to happen with your business, but we know that you don’t need the festive season to make your B2B marketing wishes come true.

Here are 5 things that should be on your Christmas marketing wish list:

Website Visitor Tracking

You need to sort the sales opportunities from the scrooges by tracking online buying behaviour. With this tool, you can tailor your marketing communications based on what you know your website visitors are the most interested in. This means you can give your customers exactly the B2B gift they’re after, and your sales team the perfect pitch information too!

Lead Nurturing

We’re all wishing for a white Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that your leads should be left in the cold. You need to warm them up if you want them to turn into sales next year! How can you do this? By nurturing them through every stage of the pipeline.

Targeted Email Marketing

If you want your email marketing campaigns to make a bigger impact, they need to be more personal than ever before. Which means, you need the tools it’s going to take to get that level of detail. Dynamic content, granular segmentation…the tools are there, you just need an email marketing platform that has them.

Social Media Automation

As you know, social media isn’t just about sharing the best Christmas jokes you can find. For B2B marketing, it is an invaluable tool for reaching clients. With automation, you can strengthen your social media presence without making it your first priority. It also has long-term benefits as well, so even when the Christmas period is over, you can still reap the rewards well into the New Year and beyond.

Marketing Automation

Like your Christmas dinner, you want all the trimmings, are we right?! Marketing automation means that you can get the best of everything under one system (or on one plate!). From lead generation to email marketing, social media, event management and more. It will identify leads and deliver revenue for you – something to start singing carols about.

With these 5 marketing gifts, you won’t need Santa’s little helpers to help nail your B2B marketing this Christmas, or any time after that! We think that’s something worth celebrating.

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