Is there a day when you’re not thinking about social media? Whether it’s an explicit part of your job, or you just spot things your company could use as you scroll during your lunch break, it’s everywhere. 

So with World Social Media day rapidly approaching (June 30th) we’re looking at some of the tactics you can try out to shake things up and grab your audience’s attention. We’ve shown examples of each one, so you can be sure they are proven to work. 

5 tactics to try 

The [Topic] Day 


World Social Media Day is far from the only Day around! If you look hard enough, there’ll almost certainly be a day dedicated to your industry somewhere. Or if you prefer something less niche, make some content around International Literacy Day (September 8th) or Safer Internet Day (February 7th). 

The Takeover 

Source: Influencity 

Most of the time in marketing, we talk about consistency, not only in how often you share new content, but about the tone of voice you use. 

This is why giving someone else, whether an influencer, a celebrity, or a different employee, control for a day can have a big short-term impact. Showing your audience something fresh that they’re not used to. 

The Humorous Take 

Source: White Label Comedy & Upwork 

We might like to think that the world of B2B buying is rational and deliberate, but plenty of studies show emotion plays a significant role. 

For this reason, a dose of humour can get your message across very effectively. Appealing to the people behind the company you’re selling to, and the challenges and frustrations they face, helps them to see you as a person too, rather than a faceless logo. 

The AMA (Ask Me Anything) 

Source: Reddit 

Most businesses start out on social media by using it as a megaphone to share content they want people to see. Smart businesses try to start conversations with their audience. 

AMAs (Ask Me Anything) first started as an AOL chatroom in the 1990s, but really found their home on Reddit in mid-2009. Since then r/AMA has become one of Reddit’s most popular forums. The most popular of all time is a Q&A with actor Keanu Reeves, which generated 293,000 upvotes and 33,000 comments. 

AMAs work because a lot goes on behind the scenes to drive a business. Even within your own company, do you know exactly what everyone does and how they do it? What would you ask if you had the opportunity?  

The User-Generated Content 

Source: Coca-Cola, via Medium 

The power of a testimonial has never been in dispute; the words of a fellow customer have always been more persuasive than those of a marketing department. Their only weakness is that you are still the one publishing them; there’s clear opportunity and incentive to cherry-pick customers that will say positive things. 

User-generated content (UGC) gets around this problem neatly; when your customers share their thoughts on your product or service on their own social channels, there’s nothing you can do to control it. 

The worst thing you can do is nothing 

We get it; stepping out of the comfort zone of your usual content is scary. However, the most challenging thing about social media also represents a safety net. There’s so much content out there that if your effort completely flops, nobody will remember for long. On the other hand, if your new tactic catches the right mood and moment, you’ll be paraded as a genius! 

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