5 quick campaign ideas to structure your email marketing

Sometimes, keeping your email marketing going can be blooming tough. What do you write about for the rest of the quarter or even the year? Planning campaigns in advance can make this job even harder. Trust us, we know, we’ve been there.

We have a solution, though. Hurray, we hear you cry! We’re going to share with you 5 easy-to-implement email marketing campaigns to get your quarters structured. That way, you can stop worrying about emails and focus on improving your email click through and conversion rates instead.

Introduction/welcome series

Start with an introduction or welcome series. Introduce your company and welcome leads with open arms to your website. Open your email dialogue with an interesting fact about yourself. Then give them the option to get to know you with a few links to more information and perhaps even a preference centre.

The follow-up emails should be based on how they engaged initially. Offer content or information relevant to what the contact looked at if they clicked through, or simply send your highest performing content for those that still aren’t interested. Make sure subsequent emails are reasonably spaced. Don’t – for the love of all that email marketers stand for – bombard their inbox!

CTA series

This can be your main campaign. You want to move from gentle content offers and invites to events to more product-focused emails, to final call-to-action pitching emails. Avoid being aggressive or overly sales-heavy. Instead, be patient! Wait for signs of buyer intent down the line before trying to close a deal.

Start by including links with your invites or content offering relevant information to your offer. For example, if you’re holding a marketing event and your website has some interesting blog posts, whitepapers or pages that could give added insight alongside, add it to the end of your emails. Once they’ve engaged with these links a few times, on top of your original offer, start sending more hard-hitting emails explaining why they might like to try your product.

Seasonal/holiday series

Everyone loves holidays like Easter, Christmas, and Halloween. Why not create campaigns to send out around those times? Instead of just the general “it’s getting cold, you need [insert product here]!” campaigns, you should try to get creative.

Run a series of emails playing with your product and the season, or even try creating festive ways for your contacts to interact with your website. Use this series to build your relationship and trust with leads rather than to sell.

TLC series

Do you want to nurture your leads all year round? Create quarterly TLC campaigns to keep them interested in your product and your business. This is also important for warming up colder leads. These emails should also take a soft approach to marketing instead of selling outright.

Consider sending emails that actually ask what problems they are having (that you can solve), and for them to get back to you with whatever these are. Send these as sparsely as you can to avoid annoying your contacts.


Once your lead has become a customer, you want to send them emails to keep them engaged and happy. After all, it’s the marriage – not the courtship – that counts. Create a campaign that supports them following their purchase, offering tips and tricks with the product or how to use new features.

It’s a good idea to use workflows with all of these campaigns, to make sure that your contacts are moved through their buyer journey at a rate that suits both them. Don’t leave your leads stuck in one campaign that, after time, will stop being relevant. Keep your communications applicable and helpful and you will be bound to get results.

To see how to go about setting up these campaigns and workflows as quickly and painlessly as possible. check out our whitepaper on the 5 marketing automation workflows we recommend.

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