5 key personalisation tricks you need to know

Personalisation is not simply a passing marketing fad, but a key feature of marketing strategies that is set to stay. To make sure your personalisation is on point, here are the top 5 tricks you need in your marketing arsenal.

1. Make your entire user journey personal

Personalising an email with your lead’s name is a good start, but what happens once they have clicked on your call to action? Often, they are then redirected to a website that becomes a completely impersonal website experience.

To make sure this isn’t happening to your customers or potential clients, start with the end goal in mind and work backwards through your user journey. Make sure each section has a personal touch.

2. Build different personal campaigns

As leads become more nurtured in the sales process they require different material to push them through the sales cycle. Customers, too, have different needs after using your business for 3, 6 or 12 months.

You must constantly reinvent personal experiences to make sure you are getting and keeping these customers. They need to know you are keeping an eye on their unique circumstances to feel like a valued customer. To do this, create different personalised campaigns to keep up to date with them.

The best example we can give you is GatorLeads own 3-step nurturing email campaign. Each stage provides different content that is relevant to where they are in the sales or customer cycle. This is fundamental to keep increasing the growth of your company.

3. Make it work for mobile & tablet

Nowadays, more and more B2B sales are happening on the go. Whether it’s on your mobile at an exhibition or an MD working overtime at home on the newest iPad. Connecting with people on these devices increases your personalisation without any extra effort on your part. Simply interacting with your website in a home environment or with a device that is always on their person lets your audience know that you are constantly available – a personal feature that will never go out of fashion.

4. Segment your audience

Not everyone in your customer base or traffic will be exactly the same. Some will be sales driven, others will be marketing. Consider your personas when building any campaign or user journey. The more you can segment your personalisation for each persona, the more effective it will be.

Test this with different email campaigns or A/B landing pages to see which messages are working most effectively for each of your audiences.

5. Use real-time data

Consumer and customer buying behaviours change often, so what could work one day might not work the next. The same goes for the personalisation techniques you are using. To make sure you are always connecting with your audience through content and experiences, keep an eye on what trends are happening on your website.

With real-time analytics from GatorLeads you can keep track of what your leads, customers, competitors and suppliers are doing on your website. With access to all this data, you’ll be able to create a personal experience for everyone within your email campaigns.

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