5 insights every exceptional sales discovery call needs

Discovery calls can be a powerful way to find out everything you need to know about your prospects. It’s just about reading between the lines to get a true insight into what your leads really want. See for yourself how to find out what you need to in your sales discovery call.

It’s all about them

Everyone has an ego, including your prospects. Make sure they know the call is about them. Talk TO them not AT them. The more you make the conversation revolve around them, the more likely they are to open up to you. Finding out everything you can about them in your sales discovery call is essential to keeping your sales pipeline smooth.

Consider some of the following open-ended questions to help you out.

They probably aren’t going to tell you their pain point

To make your sales discovery call count, you need to find out your prospect’s pain point. Fair warning, no one likes to reveal what their weaknesses are, so you need to read between the lines of what they are saying.

Once you have discovered what they need, you can tailor your conversation to sell the problem you solve rather than the product you are pitching. Prospects are more likely to go for a business that can solve a problem rather than enhance a solution, so this is an essential step in your discovery process.

They dictate the sales process

Once you have solved their pain points and they have shown some interest, it can be tempting to rush ahead on the sales deal. However, this stops your prospects in their tracks. Instead, you need to ask how they would like to proceed. This gives you a good idea of what to expect and who will need to be involved in the process.

This will also ensure you start building up a sales relationship with the right key decision maker!

You’ll still come up against objections

A good discovery call does not mean that your prospect does not have any objections or reservations. You need to discover these in this initial call so that you can address them head-on, early-on. As soon as your prospect sees you as a problem-solver, they’ll be less likely to object and more likely to hear out your entire pitch later down the line.

You’ll need to create urgency

It can be common for an initial sales call to go really well, only for your prospect to never get to the next stage of the sales process. This is because you haven’t created a sense of urgency. There are many ways you can create urgency, but if you’re struggling, you can find urgency-asking questions to ask here.

Once you are aware of these 5 insights about your discovery calls, you can do something about it and start improving your results.

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