5-Ingredient Recipe for Happy Customers

We have all heard the phrase ‘turn that frown upside down’, and it is so relevant to the world of customer retention in business. Many businesses struggle to keep consumers satisfied. Learning how to maintain consistent positivity between you and your clients is paramount. There are a few easy to follow steps that your organisation can take to improve the quality of the experience that your customers receive.

What do clients want?

The first thing is to figure out what customers want from your company. Keeping customers satisfied should be a top priority for your business. Prospects want to feel valued. The best way to show this is through attentiveness and providing a high-quality service.

Web Strategies identify that 66% of leads want to be nurtured. Purchasers believe that relevant communications and consistency are major factors in their decision to buy from your organisation.

Buyers expect you to understand the needs of their business. Don’t just listen to your consumers, hear what they say. Implementing their feedback, if it is constructive, shows them that you value their opinion.

Before you begin following the guidelines, you must first identify all the steps. This ensures that you have all the ingredients required to achieve your desired outcome.

Step 1: Consistency is key

Customers want to be listened to and respected. You should maintain the effort that was invested to change them from a lead into a client in the first place.

Make sure that the product or service you offer to buyers is simple to use. As an organisation, your customer service and support teams should be easily accessible. Quick responses will be appreciated; knowing that you are available to resolve issues swiftly will promote a constructive working relationship.

It is important that you keep your consumers in the loop through regular updates. Whether that be upcoming events, product releases or how to use the new features of your service.

Step 2: Sustaining client relations

Like all good recipes, the outcome is dependent on patience and sustained precision.

The need to find new clients often leaves existing customers feeling neglected. Without consumers, your business wouldn’t exist; they are central to the success of your operations.

Up to 69% of customers believe that a business listening to their needs is a great way to create a positive sales experience. Retaining current buyers should be a priority because helping them succeed will reflect positively on your organisation. It’s a win-win.

Step 3: Personalise your approach

No two businesses are the same and therefore how you approach each client should be unique.

Leaving them to soak in the ‘marinade’ of your individualised approach will make your consumers more likely to continue doing business with your organisation.

You can tailor how you contact them, or modify your service, to fit their needs. This shows that you value their business and pay attention to the little details.

Marketing outreach is a great way to add a personalised touch. For example, you can customise the offers you send purchasers depending on who their target market is.

Step 4: High retention attracts new prospects

Having a high customer retention rate will naturally attract new clients. The truth is purchasers talk. How you treat them will determine what they say. Your buyers represent your brand.

IDC highlights that for 84% of B2B decision makers, the purchasing process begins with a referral from a contact within the industry. Happy clients are more likely to provide positive feedback and recommend your services to other businesses.

Step 5: Leadership is important

The final, and arguably the most vital ingredient is to keep customers in the mix. Your consumers have entrusted you to provide them with a service or product. It is your job to uphold their confidence in your business capabilities.

The easiest way to do this is to be open about the long-term goals of your company. Engaging with clients will improve retention rates. Sharing where your organisation plans to go in the future will make buyers more likely to stay with you in the long run.

And there you have it! A quick and easy formula to achieve undeniably pleased consumers. Following these retention tips will keep both your business and customers in good spirits and sweet like candy. Add Marketing Automation into the mix to keep your contact consistent and personalised.

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