5 emails every business needs to send

So you want to know which emails are going to improve your client base. Great, we’ve got them! Here are the 5 emails that you should be sending as a business.

1 – A welcome email

Sure, it doesn’t sound original but you would be surprised how many businesses don’t send a welcome email. Even if an individual has taken the time to visit your website and fill out their details, they can – and WILL – forget you.

Make sure you are memorable by setting up an automatic welcome email once they’ve given you their details. One, it will show you are prompt. Two, the email will open the floodgates and before you know it, you’ll have another business relationship on your hand. Never dismiss the power of a first impression!

2 – An invitation

Whether you are inviting your audience to an event, to see new products or to take part in a promotion, remember to invite your audience along. A personal invitation is much more likely to resonate with them than a stock mass-produced promo email.

Try just writing a plain text email for everyone and personalise it as much as you can. You’ll be shocked how many people think you’ve genuinely invited them and turn up/respond to your email!

3 – An insider’s scoop email

Formerly known as newsletters (but we don’t like that old, naff word). An insider’s scoop or guide email will show your email subscribers that you can give them relevant, interesting information when they need it. This, in turn, will show you to be an expert in your field and a business they can rely on when they need answers. It’s also one of the most effective ways to promote your website content. Just saying.

4 – A reminder email

If you have a contact that went to buy/had a trial/wanted more info…and you never heard back from them, a reminder email is an essential way to get back in touch.

You can even consider the reminder email for recurring customers who need a quick nudge on any changes they need to make. For example, their contract was coming up for renewal, but did they know they could get tons of other products for less this year too? Get our drift?

Whatever you choose to remind them about in your email, it can go a long way in showing that you care on an individual level about their buyer/customer journey. If you pitch it right.

5 – Survey email

The customer is always right, including in surveys. Everyone likes to give their opinion, so let them. Ask what they did or didn’t like about your website, your products and your service. Not only does it give you genuine insight into where you could use some improvement, but you might just find the honesty gives you a chance to open up communication channels further and close deals that you didn’t know how to fix beforehand.

Well, that’s all from us! Give these five emails a try and let us know what you think! Or start understanding how you can implement them by reading our marketing cookbook.

Following on from that, if you’re still looking for great content to help boost your marketing even further, why not check out this Performance Marketing Guide we wrote?

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