Due to the unprecedented nature of the coronavirus pandemic, marketers had to base their reaction on gut or senior leadership direction over data. With many brands dialling down their communications to a slow trickle, the question is… how can marketers be sure they got it right?

In collaboration with data agency Profusion, we studied the email marketing interactions of over 1 million Retail consumers, pre and during COVID-19. Here’s a quick snapshot of the trends we identified. For the full report please click here.


A sharp increase in sign-ups

In fact we see a huge 250% increase in online subscriptions/ account set-ups / email sign-ups.


Brands are sending less email

Due to all non essential retailers having to close their doors, many also made the decision to dial down their communications. Which has resulted in a 40% reduction in number of emails sent.


A shift in device readership

As mobility decreased during lockdown we have seen an increase of 28% in desktop readership. However, we do think these normalise as lockdown lifts.


Email opens increase whilst clicks decrease

Many of the emails sent at the beginning of lockdown were brand messages around COVID-19. Many of these without external links. This has meant we have seen a 24% increase in open rates, but a decrease in click rate by 10%


Lapsed customers re-engage

During the beginning of lockdown many retailers found it difficult to meet demand. This has been for many reasons including supplies not getting through or delivery logistics not being ready to meet a huge online demand. This has meant customers have had to shop around leading to an increase of lapsed customers coming back to purchase.