Businesses that are deemed as useful by the consumer are often more successful. Email is a great channel for brands to use to articulate that usefulness.

The Welcome Series

An email welcome series is how you start a regular digital relationship with your consumer. Here you can do so much to amplify your usefulness.

  • Set the tone for the relationship
  • Find out more about the consumer
  • Speak about your brand – mission, vision and any causes you support
  • Talk about how your business can help the consumer with the challenges you seek to solve
  • Show them how to do business with you. Communicate this clearly and succinctly.

Replenishment campaigns

Whatever your business, but especially if you sell products or services, reminders to purchase again when the previous order may be at the end of its lifecycle is extremely useful. These genuinely make purchasing again easy and save time for the consumer.

Back in stock emails or text notifications

Ensuring stock levels are kept up to date online is essential to retaining relationships with customers. In research we conducted recently this has been identified as important to UK consumers. 63% say they want to be notified when an out of stock product becomes available again. Whether in a global pandemic or not consumers what their lives to be made as easy as possible and they will choose the path of least resistance. Having the ability to be reminded when the product is next in stock may mean your most loyal customers will wait until the product returns instead of purchasing elsewhere.

Style Back in Stock Email

Usage updates

Showing the consumer how they have interacted with your business in the last year or quarter or even month can give insights that prove useful and interesting. For example, understanding how much is spent on healthy food vs sugary foods can help the consumer make better life choices. This principle can be applied to any business B2B as well as B2B.

How to content

Learning about how to make the most of the product or service you have bought can bring the product or service to life. It can increase engagement at a time when the consumer may not be ready to purchase again, whilst improving customer satisfaction and enjoyment of the product.


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