These days, most companies’ marketing budgets are tight – to say the least. This means every single channel used has to have clear benefits and a tangible return on investment. The efficacy of everything from direct mail to SMS marketing is being questioned, but fear not… we’ve compiled the top benefits of SMS marketing. So the next time your seniors query why you’ve opted for this medium, you’ll be armed with some solid, sensible answers.

So, let’s start with (arguably) the greatest benefit of them all: immediacy.

Instant communication

Reports suggest that text messages take seven seconds to send and deliver, on average. Plus, it’s fair to say the majority of mobile or smartphone users will have their devices with them most all the time, meaning they are more likely to open the message instantly – or certainly within a short period after receiving it. In fact, IDC data shows 62 per cent of smartphone users check their phones immediately after waking up, whilst 79 per cent check theirs within 15 minutes of waking up. Few other marketing mediums can boast such immediacy, making SMS the clear winner when it comes to instant communication.

Excellent open rate

Take a second to consider this: when it comes to email, the average open rate is 27.2 per cent. Direct mail boasts a significantly higher open rate of 91 per cent (so say and Yet SMS still beats them both.

The average open rate of text messages is a whopping 95 per cent (, making for quite an astounding difference. Whilst these other forms definitely have their place within overall marketing strategies, there’s no denying that when it comes to actually guaranteeing recipients will open a piece of marketing, text messages win the battle fair and square. Plus, the higher the open rate, the greater the chances of success. It’s simple!

Limited personal details required

With SMS marketing, those who have opted in can typically choose to hand over as much or as little information as they wish.

Perhaps they just want to receive the generic discount messages, or news of upcoming sales from their favourite retailer? In this case, they can simply provide their mobile number and, at a push, their name. However others might like to receive targeted, bespoke information – like details of when their local pizzeria is offering a wine tasting evening, or fancy knowing when there are slots available at their favourite hairdresser. In this case, they can release further personal details. This flexibility should prove fairly enticing to prospects, as they are in control of the marketing, not the other way around.

Go green – go SMS

Want to lower your company’s carbon emissions and reduce paper wastage? SMS is a medium which has a significantly lower impact on the environment than direct mail. You don’t need paper, envelopes or even stamps – which means marketing costs as a whole could drop too.

Statistics shows that 40 per cent of the world’s trees are chopped down simply to make paper. Don’t be a part of that 40 per cent – go green with text marketing.

Greater engagement levels

According to the Direct Marketing Association, the typical response rate on direct mail is 3.42 per cent. When you consider that the Mobile Marketing Association says people are five times more responsive to SMS marketing than direct mail, those figures add up to something pretty special.

It’s likely that this leap is down to the immediacy with which people can engage with a text message.

Responding to a piece of direct mail usually requires completing a form, finding an envelope, addressing and stamping it, then leaving your home to find a post box.

Responding to a text message takes seconds and there’s no need to move from the exact spot you’re in. It’s so easy. Why wouldn’t a company want to take advantage of that?

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