4 ways to use your CRM to improve lead generation

Ah, thought your CRM was just a place to record prospects and customers data, did you? Think again. CRM integration with your lead generation and email marketing tools opens up a host of possibilities. For those of you who have no idea where to start, we asked our CRM Consultant to share what is possible once you’ve integrated your key technologies from a sales perspective.

1 – Keep track of net new visitors in real time

With GatorLeads integration, you’ll be able to keep track of brand new website visitors who have a page score over a set amount (think 50+ hot lead) that has been accumulated over a set short period of time (maybe a day or week, it’s up to you). Clearly, this shows buying interest, so your sales leads need to focus on these prospects first and get in touch right away. Set up a CRM list that refreshes with this information as often as you need it too. Then sales know to work off this list first every morning.

2 – Create a 20 point mover list

As we all know, most website visitors aren’t ready to buy the first time they visit the website. However, existing or returning web visitors might show more buying interest, so you want to keep an eye on these leads. Creating a CRM list that tracks web visitors who have increased their page score by 20+ points in a set period of time is a good way to go about this.

3 – Keep an eye on web captures & downloads

Website visitors who have downloaded assets from your website are usually considered warm/hot leads and need more information. These are the perfect leads for sales to open up a line of conversation with, so use your GatorLeads integration to create a CRM list that sales can focus on once they have gone through their high priority lists above.

4 – See what campaign responders are up to

Our final CRM list to create is one for campaign responders. They might be high click recipients that engage with everything you send them or recurrent clickers who consistently engage with campaigns, though not as much as the high clickers. You could base the CRM list on click breakdown – either interest or investment. Perhaps a list for both. For example, list A can focus on if they show interest in topic A or B. List two can focus on campaign clickers that engage with product-related emails, demo requests etc.

For those campaigners that click on specific sales orientated material, sales can follow up with more relevant information in a personal email for their pipeline. For those just showing an interest, they can add them to another lead nurturing campaign or tailor their sales pitch according to topic.

See? There are lots of things your sales team can do with a GatorLeads & CRM integration. They don’t just have to keep refreshing a list of hot leads on the website that day. Get smarter about your lead generation. See what it takes to generate leads in your sleep. 

If you’re looking for further advice when it comes to generating leads on your website, why not check out this guide we wrote?

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