4 triggered emails you need for your automation journey

You may think that marketing automation requires hundreds of emails set up in advance. However, for those just starting on their automation journey, there are only 4 key triggered emails that you need to make sure you have in place.

1 – A sales message to your hot leads

For those prospects that you know are definitely interested in your business, you need an email that can push them through into getting in contact with you. This is where your sales message is the most effective.

The email should entice them to get in contact with them, so don’t give away everything about the benefits of doing business with you. Instead, make your unique selling points intriguing but to the point. Your product should speak for itself and stand on its own two feet. Hot leads are likely already interested enough that this little nudge will tip them straight into your sales teams laps.

2 – An engaging email for web visitors you’ve paid for via PPC or social media

Your paid for website traffic is the next most important target audience you should engage with. Not only to make the most of your marketing budget, but also because you can lose their attention if you don’t act fast.

The email you send them should be engaging, whether you provide them with content they need or give them a quick introduction on the free tools on your website they can use whenever they like. The more value you add in this email, the more you invest in your business relationship with them and the more likely they are to turn to you when they get around to looking for a product.

3 – A downloadable email series to nurture organic web visitors

Each web visitor on your website takes a different user journey. Even prospects who are after the same product will be different. They may interact with different parts of your website or have organically come to you via different methods.

To make sure every organic lead on your website is getting the information they need, you need emails to be triggered based on what they interact with. This allows your prospects to get the relevant content they are after at the right time for them, improving your chances of converting them to hot leads.

4 – Set emails based on key trigger pages

Certain pages on your website are clear indicators that your website visitors are interested in buying your product. A pricing page for example or a free trial page. These visitors, in particular, need an email that encourages them to act urgently.

Keep these emails personal, short and to the point to make them sound like they are coming directly from a sales executive who is watching them on the website. This direct connection will make your website visitors feel a personal connection with your business. It will also make them more likely to act on their impulses and feel more comfortable talking to a salesperson immediately.

For more ideas on automation emailing check out our guide to creating highly effective B2B email marketing campaigns.

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