4 things you need to do to create the perfect pitch

Most salespeople will say there is no such thing as the perfect pitch. And we’re certainly not here to tell you a word for word sales script that works every time. However, there are 4 simple things you can do to always personalise your pitch and ensure that your prospect thinks you’ve created the perfect sales solution for them.


Before you even start creating your pitch, you need to target the right sort of prospect. This might be based on their job title, the size of their company or simply if they work in a certain industry. By targeting the right prospects, your speech is less likely to fall on deaf ears. To make sure you are pitching to the right people, do your homework on your lead before you call. Research the company, look at their LinkedIn profile or use lead generation technology to tell you exactly who is coming onto your website and what they want before you pick up the phone.


Make sure the information you have about a potential client is up to date. There is nothing worse than calling up a company only to find out that person no longer works there or never existed. This is why it is crucial you use a system that offers you a high match rate. Private IP lookup databases offer higher lead information match rates than public databases and lead gen systems that integrate with social media accounts will have more up to date information than old data lists.


Focusing your sales pitch on what your prospect wants rather than what you want to sell to them is the best way to get them interested in your product. You don’t have to look back at a month’s worth of tweets or LinkedIn posts to see what they are interested in either. Just find one keyword in their summary on LinkedIn that you can connect with.

Or use a personalised URL in an email to them that links back to your website. PURLs will enable cookie technology and allow you to see exactly what pages on your website interest them. You can then tailor your pitch around what they’ve looked at, to make your sales pitch sincere.


96% of your leads aren’t ready to buy from you the first time you contact them. So develop a rhythm in your voice that takes them through the sales journey with you. A lower tone of voice should be used when you want them to listen to important information and a slightly faster tone should be used to excite them when you know your prospect is becoming genuinely interested in your business.

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