The 4 things you need people to do with your email marketing

If you want your email marketing to succeed, you need people to do one of four (preferably ALL four) actions. Here’s what they need to do to make sure your email marketing is never seen as spam and how you can get them to do it.

Open your email

Open rates are one of the most common factors marketers report on. Of course, you know opening an email is just the start, but it’s essential to your pipeline. There are 4 factors to make sure you have the highest open rate possible.

* Deliverability. Have an email marketing platform that can pass inbox checks by the big email bosses.

* The from address. Use a sender alias to make your email from a person. We are all more inclined to interact with a person than a dodgy company email address.

* The subject line. Should be a one-liner that gets their attention. Telling them there’s something valuable inside for them helps.

* The preview. You’ve got one additional line with the subject line to convince your email recipient that they know you and should read your email. Keep it as personal as possible.

Forward your email

So, you’ve got them to open your email. Great! What’s next? Well, on the rare occasion, you might actually want them to forward your email. This is especially true of sales email campaigns where you are looking for the key decision maker. Most people stopped forwarding funny emails to each other the minute social media started “sharing” posts, so don’t rely on this behaviour. Instead, ASK if you are emailing the right person. They’ll either forward your email on to the individual you are looking for or reply.

Reply to your email

Whether the response you get is positive or not, replying to an email looks good to the email giants. (It tells them you’re not spam at least.) A reply also means you’ve evoked a personal response. Whether the person likes your emails or not, this is your opportunity to start building up a relationship. If you’re good at overcoming objections, you can use a reply to your advantage.

While most marketers simply rely on people interacting with your call to actions, don’t negate the power of a reply email. To achieve this, make your email sound like it was a personal one-to-one email written by someone directly. Ask them to get in touch if they have queries or any form of question if you’re looking to boost your reply rate.

Click your email call to action

Of course, the goal of every marketer is to click the call to action. Using bright buttons or the word “free” no longer does it. If your email alone hasn’t convinced them to interact with your call to action, there are a few other tricks you can do.

Use a hyperlink in your top left corner. Because everyone uses Google and is conditioned to click hyperlinked blue links, they’ll be more likely to click your call to action if it reminds them of Google too. This is because the link looks genuine, they recognise it and (as we read left to right), it will be the first thing they see.

Well, what are you waiting for? Try these tips for yourself & share with us your results!

Now you have those sorted – try implementing into your marketing strategy. Don’t worry we are here to help with our digital marketing strategy intro.

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