4 Stages to Make your Leads Blossom

Imagine if we lived in a world where our leads came to us knowing exactly what they wanted and they wanted it right now! Sadly, this is not the case. Most people don’t know what they want for dinner let alone who to use for their business requirements. Perhaps they’re browsing, scoping out their options, and the last thing you want to do is scare them off. You need to work at their speed. Give them the content they want, when they want it. This is our 4 step process for nurturing cold leads into ready to buy customers:

Start with Scoring

How will you know when a lead is red hot? This one’s simple: implement page scoring. We’d like to think that all the pages on our website have an equally impactful message on leads, but we’re not going to be naïve. There are certain pages which rank higher in the sales journey. Work out what these are and give them a higher page score. That way your leads determine how ready to buy they are based on the content they are looking at.


Have we said this enough? We know new leads are exciting, but going in all guns blazing without any research is a sure way to imply you have no clue what your customer is looking for.

You’ve set up your page scoring, you know what pages your leads have been on, its just an educated guess as to what they’re looking for from your business. When you welcome your prospect, be helpful. Give them a whitepaper or guide on what they’re interested in. You want to come across as a helping hand: you’re not trying to sell to them initially, you’re principally interested in helping them.

Make Life Simple

Marketing automation software allows you to set up the entire nurturing process to run in the background. This way, leads can come to you when they’re ready to. Using triggered campaigns which are initiated based on lead value, your cold leads can be nurtured until they’re ready to buy.

Using marketing automation workflows you are able to feed in leads who qualify in a particular bracket automatically. This allows you to warm them up with targeted content specific to their interests. Leads can remain in these nurturing workflows until they fully engage with your brand. Educate your leads with your content before they reach your sales teams door. Letting your sales team tailor their sales pitch to each and every lead.

Lead Deep

Starting light with easy to digest, helpful content can give your leads the welcoming introduction which paves the way for a two-way partnership. Once they’ve got to know your company, start sending more in-depth content: whitepapers, guides, infographics. Whatever will instil that curiosity as to what you can offer, until your leads are asking you for a meeting.

By making a plan, organising your website and corresponding content, you can lead your prospects down a path, letting them set the pace along the way. Implementing a link between IP tracking and marketing automation software is a crucial element of our Lead Nurturing process and can benefit everyone looking to enhance their own strategy.

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