4 skills your sales team need

Who wouldn’t like a sales team that over-performs? Great news! There are only 4 skills you need to ensure your team is winning those deals and bringing home the big bucks.


With new leads coming in to your website every day, you need a sales team who knows how to prioritise sales opportunities. They need to know which sales-ready deals they can jump onto immediately and let marketing warm up cold leads in a lead nurturing campaign.


Probably one of the weakest points for the majority of salespeople, but important nonetheless. Your sales team needs to understand how your products and services can solve consumers pain points. The more they can empathise and understand their prospects needs, the more they can make a relatable pitch that will convince sales leads to become customers.

Confident Communicators

Being a salesperson is a difficult job. No one wants to talk to you and a lot of people will hang up the phone to you. So your team need to be as confident and as outgoing as possible when it comes to proactively getting in contact with sales leads. Teach them how to leave a cold call voicemail and what to say in their sales pitch, like Leo did in Wolf of Wall Street, and watch their conversion rates increase.

A leader who walks the walk

It’s one thing telling your sales team how to do their jobs, it’s another thing to show them. As you’ll know, in the sales world showing is more important than telling both in your sales conversations and in training. Demonstrate the product to your team, sit in on cold calls and implement tools that improve their sales cycle performance.

And those are the 4 skill sets you need to create a successful sales team. For more on improving your sales teams performance, click here.

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